Monday, June 30, 2008

GD rocks!

GD is one freakin talented composer/singer/rapper/dancer/entertainer/what-else-does-he-not-know!!!

나만바라봐 Part 2

Personally, I feel he should've left the singing parts to YoungBae. He's a rapper after all. But he probably thinks its fun to give this song a whole new feel.
I understand, JiYong-kun. I'm addicted to the recording room, consoles and editing as well =D


I hate my drama sensei! How can we complete so many things with so little time?! We need to act our drama out, plus record it beforehand, together with the props, costumes and backdrops, AND we're supposed to record it with a videocam?!

OOI we are poor students la, you want us to fish all our savings out for one friggin videocam JUST FOR YOUR bloody 10 marks ASSIGNMENT?! She wants it the week after the next and she only tells us this now?

Oh yeah, and we're supposed to be doing ONLY your assignment and no one else's. Nevermind, drama students are supposed to fail all their other subjects due to incomplete coursework marks. And we're also supposed to be haunted by our drama sensei for life too.

I always hear people say God is fair. Pretty people are brainless and vice versa.
Owh too bad, cuz He made her fugly and brainless. So not fair.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

at long last!

나만바라봐 ~


Thank you so much lor. I just cleaned my room 2 days ago and now it's even messier than before.

So now one corner of my room looks like a tempat letak stok ._.
I bet I can stick all of them onto my wall + ceiling + floor and there would still be a lot left. BUT OF COURSE I would not waste them like that =)

Anyway, feeling very relieved because there's something settled at last!

Still waiting for my tickets' money... I'm broke! In desperate need of some cold hard cash!

*HIWEE* My japanese is better than the boys!
I'm learning japanese all over again together with them *HIWEE*


My camera must've loved seeing its own billboard. My brother was driving and I took this picture, and it did not turn out blur!

Had DOMINO's for lunch today.
And I will never step inside again, unless I have really bad cravings for pizza and there are no Pizza Hut or Shakey's around. They're so environmental unfriendly! =( They gave us pizza boxes and polystyrene cups even when we told them that we're eating in.

I cannot find our Form 5 ones ='( Glad I plastic-ked this, if not I will probably lose it as well >.< Big Head Prawn LMAO

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hello SunYe 누나!

Hello JaeHee 형!


Being an Ampang-ian and so close to Koreatown, I am proud to say that I have finally been there! LOLOLOLOL. It looks a little... lifeless to me though. The lack of people in Koreatown is disappointing, maybe I expected too much? I imagined it to be something like Chinatown but no, it was just like any other normal streets, only thing is you get to see Korean marts and restaurants which are void of customers =S I doubt I'm done with Koreatown yet, as I've only walked 2 streets. I believe Koreatown is much more than that =)


Me, Lim Li and May went there after college and when we arrived, the first thing we did was look for restaurant. We're hungry! We tried to read their menu and since Lim Li was a beginner in Korean classes (I wanna enrol in Korean classes too!), we made her read the Korean characters out loud. Hilarious la I tell you!

She read 렌트 slowly... s-e-n... what? Me and May cracked up... r-e-n-t-eu! RENT! The korean uncle smoking behind us was laughing as well and he corrected our pronunciation. Then we made her read 세트 메뉴 which she gave up halfway. It reads SET MENU by the way.

Okay so we went into the restaurant and ordered dwaeji bulgogi (BBq pork) and doenjang jjigae (soup) *drools* The banchan/s, meat and soup came (in that order) not long after. The waiter/waitress were very patient and polite. And very good service by the way. They answered whatever questions we asked.
Did not label all the banchan because I don't know what are those

The waitress probably thought we're gonna burn down her restaurant by accident because she kept walking past our room and peering in. We just ate and ate and ate. I'm more of a chicken/fish person but the pork was delicious! The banchan/s are what made us full, not the meat ._. I want more meat ㅠ_ㅠ
^ happily showing off her samgyeopsal

^ The black beans that Lim Li is addicted to =_= Korean chopsticks are flat and hard to hold! I prefer round chopsticks.

LOL eat eat eat

the room is nice and private, but it's a little hot because we're stuck with the barbecue stove.

^ This was the nicest!! This is galbi I think. Feel free to correct me.

^ checking out her 'smoking' squid

^ After an hour or so. We were really really full at this point because we ate a lot of banchan. We said we will finish all the banchan no matter what! ....and the waitress kept refilling them. The lettuces especially.

^ finished(almost) finally!

Paid for our food and left. We paid less than RM20 per person. Reasonable la. Went walking around the many marts. LOTTE mart's stuffs are more expensive compared to the other marts =S And there's this one mart which sells expired + expensive stuffs! And they played FTI's song ._. As well as SNSD's, Gummy's and Turtle's.

The uncle inside that overpriced shop kelakar la. When we entered, he looked at us and told the shopkeeper in chinese Woah, han guo nv sheng very pretty hor. He thinks we're Korean? We don't even look like one la okay ._. But thank you for the compliment anyway teeheehee~ He got the shock of his life when we started talking in chinese =P

^ Had ice creams and went home because the sky looks like it's gonna cry soon.
And cry it did


I want one! ='( 15,000 won is not much. It's actually cheap! Only 1800 copies in this whole wide world! RAHHHH!! And they don't ship internationally!!! Gek sei ngo la... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yippee! Someone is coming back soon! Can't wait =)

Oooooooh, someone in PG likes WonBin =P

Thursday, June 26, 2008

In the recording room. So cold inside!


Friendship. In black and white.

I love 日本빈! He's more self-confident and his voice sounds good in Japanese!

My boy is so talented! <3 !

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


stress stress stress... !!!!

Am scheduled to record my part tomorrow and I haven't prepared yet oMHg! Don't have any idea what to do yet double oMHg!
College assignments GO DIE DIE DIE!

I cried today after listening to 첫기스. So stupid. I miss them so much! Why the hell am I crying after so long? 첫기스 is my favourite song, but I've listened to it countless times after that incident and I did not break down. Why today? Why now?

I shall keep myself away from FT Island during this busy period. Don't wanna cry and feel emo when I'm supposed to be doing something useful. *Listens and nods to Big Bang*


P/S: shit la. Big Bang is so far behind SuJu now.


Edit - 2.34am

I am ready to kill their hairstylist! GRRRRR *prepare parangs and knives*

Monday, June 23, 2008

so sick

So sick.
I saw a dead body sprawled across the highway today.

At first I thought the policemen were just doing their usual thing, checking driver's licences and stuffs, cause there were a lot of motorcycles parked beside the road and all of the riders were standing behind the policemen.

And then we passed by a black immobile lump. I shut my eyes immediately. But got curious and opened them again. The policemen were decent enough to cover the body la at least. I can still see the blood trickling along the road opposite our lane. Lucky thing it was not raining today. Can you imagine passing by a bloody highway. And your tyres will be going past all those blood + H20 of some dead stranger. Eeeeww.

I just made this gif yesterday and I see dead body today? Damn eerie okay.


훈니야~ 저를 도우십시오! 이 악몽에서... 구출하십시오!
助けて下さい! ううう... ㅠ_ㅠ

You look so pretty like that, boy!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Can you imagine reading Kenny Sia or XiaXue 20 years later?

I've always wondered where does a professional blogger earn most of their money from. Bloggers like Kenny Sia earn a lot from their blog with all those traffic and advertisers (obviously), but do they have a normal job like everyone else? (Oh I just wiki-ed out that Kenny Sia is a part-time blogger, which means he has a real proper job?)

What will those professional bloggers do when no one bothers to read their blog anymore? Then they don't have any income at all! Will they be classified as jobless? But they are already jobless all along! (Is blogging a job?)

I think they have savings or something, which they will invest on stocks or business. I wouldn't know, because I'm not one. How much do they earn a month anyway?! And they travel around places lagi.

No I'm not worrying for them, I'm just curious and wondering what will happen to them. I'll wait for another 20 years and see if I still remember them. I hope I do, it's a waste to forget such funny people.

I'm a fan of XiaXue's blog and I love the way she exploits herself, but I cannot imagine what can she bitching about 20 years later. Can you? Maybe she will become a boring auntie by then, and blogging about what her child did in school. Or how she managed to cook maggi mee without hua diao jiu. Woah so interesting =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

5 Joy / 5 Hope Gathering

Today's gathering made me realize one thing. I like to take pictures of food. Even if it's not mine.

We sat down at Food Republic. Casey was the first who ordered food. Then my hands got itchy and I took a picture of his soya drink and yao char kuey ._.
It looks delicious. I wanna have that for breakfast next time =)

Everyone else ordered other food and I dare not take picture because
1) I think I made Casey feel paiseh
2) I'm not really that close to them. Taking pictures of their food seems rude, which will ultimately lead them to number 1 - making all of them feel paiseh.

So I took a picture of my own food lo.
Something I have been craving for. DDEOKBOKKI! It looks spicy but tastes salty lo. And it's just like chee cheong fun with carrots, onions and spring onions in it ._. The kimchi doesn't taste that good =S And what's the other thing in the banchan ah? I think it's potatoes? But I always thought they were pineapples from what I see in dramas. Anyway, that one is nice. Nicer than kimchi.

Since Chun Han and me are such good friends, and since he lets me eat a little of whatever he ordered, and since he ate 2 servings of delicious looking food, and since I let him eat my ddeokbokki too, I feel it's obligatory that I take a picture of his curry sotong.
which is really delicious by the way.

Ms Yap came after that, bringing her husband and baby along. Her baby very cute la. She reminds me of elves! And she looks like her dad =)

Everyone finished their food, then we waited for Wei Cing, Swin Yee and Ei Lyn to arrive. I'm the only Hopian around lo. So happy when I heard that Swin Yee and Ei Lyn are coming. Almost all who went were from Joy class. Oh, excluding Melissa, Hui Chen and Jia Yan la.

Decided to go for movie at 4pm. Received call from Yan Sin saying she's in Pavillion with Yee Ian, having lunch. Had to nurse Swin Yee's hungry tummy, so we went to find them in PastaMania. No idea where the boys went to. Turns out the food there - not delicious. Spaghetti smells bad? Linguini tastes better than spaghetti. Pizza tasteless? LMAO.

We just sat there and chat chat chat till 4pm. Oh and Carmen came too. Went into the cinema. Watched Incredible Hulk. The movie was okay la. Glad Liv Tyler looks as hot as ever even after having a baby. I hate the ending by the way. Oh and I noticed a malay lady pulling her two kids out of the cinema halfway through the movie, apparently because it was too violent. Who knew there would be so many gory scenes, the ratings were [U].

After movie, the boys wanted to go home, and the girls wanted to go into MNG (MNG having sale by the way!) Was inside MNG for quite some time, then went to eat Baskin Robbins! That was my dinner by the way. I still feel full from the ddeokbokki.

And guess who we saw?! We were just talking about how he reads people's blog and posting childish comments. Then he suddenly appeared. Speak of the devil.

Don't get mad over such petty things okay? It's over, and all of us learn from mistakes! =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lesson 1 - how to cook ramen


You will need:
- Ramen (1 packet)
- 550ml water
- Pot
- Stove
- Chopsticks (or anything to poke around with)

1) Prepare 550ml of water for the ultimate ramen experience! *XD*
2) Pour the water into a medium sized pot and boil it over the stove.

3) While waiting for water to boil, cut open the packet of ramen and remove the flavoring sachets in it.

4) When water has boiled, put in ramen and wait for it to cook.

5) Put in flavoring sachets and mix the soup around.

6) Cook for another 2 minutes or so.

7) Enjoy your ramen while it's hot!
^ Jin Ramen

some green tea ramen I had the other day.


Heck I found someone who doesn't even know how to prepare instant cereals. Just pour hot water in la! And I dedicate this above post to her, since I don't think she knows how to cook instant noodles as well. It's definitely harder than instant cereals *rolls eyes*


Hey at least all these looked adorable =( although it's a little messy la