Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The thing I hate about relatives

They take my bed.

They invade my space.

They interrupt my time.

They hog the television.

They assume alot.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

taek me to your heart

ya allah I am so proud of myself. I can solve the Rubik's cube! DON'T ask me to show it to you the next time you see me.

My mom was worried that I'm a lesbo when she saw how obsessed I am with the cube. According to her, only guys like to play "these kind of stuffs (aka the cube)". So if a girl starts playing it, then the girl = tomboy. So being a tomboy, will fall in love with girls, which somehow makes me into a lesbo.

What the... ?

Me, a lesbo?! I admit I like to look at pretty girls, but I like pretty boys even more okay! Besides, who doesn't like pretty stuffs?

Dunno how my mom derived this weird logic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

to be or not to be

I think I'm having Mass Media Law mid-term test tomorrow, but I'm not sure. I remember the lecturer saying that there'll be a mid-term this week, but our tutor says that it's on next week. EH? So should I believe our lecturer or tutor?


Random. Took some pictures of our Malaysian skies.

Everyone thought some building in Taman Melati had caught fire (see the black smoke) but it was actually mosquito repellent LMAO

Taken from the bus stop near home. Clouds have covered the mountain peak.

Love this picture. Doom is coming =)

Yeay McVities Caramel Digestives! *licks fingers*

Eh. browsed through the folder and found this. Hard solid proof that boys will always be boys. They were concentrating so hard on the game and did not bother about anything else. And to think that they are close to 20 years old ._.

Went to Times Square just now, and my friend found this brochure/leaflet from somewhere, stating details about PARAN's live in Malaysia. But err... I pity them la. Who's gonna go? Even very established stars like DBSK's concert wasn't fully seated (maybe just a little more than half).

Plus their tickets are like super expensive, for the concert lah, not showcase and fans meeting. The cheapest seats are RM180. Would that many people fish out 180 bucks to see someone they're only vaguely interested in? Eh but lah, the fans meeting and private showcase's price is okay. What's a private showcase anyway?

I thought at least I had the chance to go to the airport for their arrival lah. Bagi support sikit kan. But after seeing the leaflet I realized I'm not in Malaysia at the time. ZZZZZZZZ bad timing. Luckily it's only PARAN. Tak payah self-stab.

My randomness is kicking in. I taught my mom how to say 10jeom manjeome 10jeom =D And she totally loves loves loves (hearts a gabazillion times) the song!

Sunday, November 16, 2008












Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pepero Day need to eat pepero stick =)

MinHwan's birthday need to wish him saengil chukkahamnida also ma! Stop growing so fast dude. It's hard to keep up with you ._. Although I always used to complain that you look retarded everytime you aegyo, and that you look horrible while aegyo-ing with the muscles and everything, but I kind of miss it.

I cannot recognize the magnae I used to know anymore! *coughidolshowwith2pmcough*
Haih. No one can stop anyone from growing up. Haih.

Anyway, Happy Birthday =)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ewwww GD, what the F is wrong with you?

Guess what I've been busy with these few days (and more to come)?

House chores BOO! Yeah we sacked our maid finally. She threatened us with a freaking knife. Where can keep her like that?!

And Dad is still pondering whether or not to hire a new one. He better say yes, cuz me and my mom can die doing all the work. I dreamt last night I have a new maid lor. When I woke up I was smiling somemore. Crazy not? That is how tired I am from doing all those work

Boring lecture. What to do? Makan lah! Satay ikan somemore =D

Some hotdog bought in the korean mart. Dunno lah, I feel so dirty when I was eating this. Macam unhygienic saja, cuz this can be eaten without cooking.
心理作用 (correct chinese character?)

kesian Wan Lu's pretty face kena blocked XD

Eh I dunno what model this car is, but it says VIP =) Diamond studded Toyota sign somemore. It might be a Proton Waja LMAO

Hehe doodled on the wasted DVD-R.
2PM 10jeom manjeome 10jeom!

Eh eh Chansung is in Kkokko Guan guang =) He's my age lar, how can he go for blind dates like that? And I hate Gil for bullying maknae GRRR!

Sudah 6pm. Ciao MuBank starting =) Must watch before doing assignment!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I should be feeling jealous but right now I'M REALLY PROUD of everyone who went to Changi airport yesterday! You guys pwn okay!! Changi macam fully packed, and everyone saw 2PM and how polite they were! *DOUBLE WHEE*

Lucky la you people. I will get my chance some other day =)


Me and May finished recording our shots for the TV assignment today, and when we went back home, the DVD-R cannot be played! DVD player tak boleh. RealPlayer tak boleh. Windows Media Player tak boleh. Whatever player we used pun tak boleh!

ZOMG macam mana wei?! Kan cheong leh!! We cannot pinjam the videocam d lar!

Eh this is long shot or boom shot?

I'm in love with this place =) So cool and quiet there

Monday, November 3, 2008

it's tomorrow =(
My Khun~~

-Edit- 9.16pm

Ooh wait, tomorrow is not such a bad day after all!

It's TOP's birthday! =) Shit how can I actually forget that!

Lazy to write a looooooooooooooooong message that you won't read anyway =)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

need. to. go. to. low. yat.

I purposely went to college 2 hours earlier yesterday to get some Baskin Robbins, but turns out KLCC doesn't have Baskin Robbins outlet!! Taulah aku, I can eat Baskin Robbins whenever I want, but I just feel like eating it with discount!! APALAH! wuwuwuuuuuuu ='(

And also, my mouse sudah mampus. It somehow double clicks when I only click it once, and sometimes it doesn't even click no matter how hard I click it. Geram grrrrrrrrrrrr!! I am so gonna get a new mouse soon. Meanwhile I'll just use my brother's mouse when he's not at home.

I've got youuuuuuuu under my skin

Chun Lee 3G-ing with Loo

Koreatown! from far =)

My dirty jeans

Terrer? Driving without steering!

What's in my bag. Can see the Grease VCD?

Timetable zzzzzzzzz