Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay wow. I'm watching The Green Mile and I hear my neighbour quarreling, in high decibels. I pause the movie and can't help but listen.

So this is what it sounds like when I'm quarreling with my mom. Cool.

Monday, May 25, 2009

"the" special one =))

Today is a special day. It's my birthday! And it wouldn't be as great as today for years to come... because I'm having both birthdays on the same day!

YAY!! *throws confetti*

Don't get what I'm saying?
Today (五月初二) is my lunar birthday as well. And according to every adult I managed to consult, this phenomenon is extremely rare. Holy shit. Must sleep early tonight and buy 4D tomorrow.

Despite the fact that it is 7pm (almost 8), birthday wishes are still coming in. Thank you people! Love you! *French kisses every single one of you*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

colours and nightmares

I've been having nightmares for 2 consecutive nights. On any normal day I wouldn't be spooked out, but what makes them scary is the people in it.

The day before yesterday, I dreamt walking into my room, and saw JongHun (yeah, FT Island Choi JongHun) sitting in a corner, back facing me and hands holding a pair of scissors. I heard the snip-snap sound of the scissors and the floor was filled with bits of photos that were far beyond damage. The room was extremely bright, not by sunlight, more like artificial brightness (as if everything was white) but still eerie.

Then, JongHun turned and I saw in his hands a familiar picture which had been scratched and cut violently. He threw it aside and took another photo. I looked around my room and saw that the photos of FT that I stuck on my wall were all gone... and I realize with a sudden shock that he's brutally damaging his own pictures. OMFGWTFISTHIS?!


Yesterday night, I dreamt I was on a plane with no destination, and Super Junior (all 13 of them) were on the same flight. They're not even my favourite boyband in the world, why would I dream of them?! But I guess that's a good thing, because the plane crashed and everyone died. If it was FT or 2PM or even Big Bang in the plane, I dunno... I would cuss in sleep I guess.

Anyways, there were survivors lah. Me (of course), and Siwon (!) and a few other unknowns. Other 12 members of SuJu, dead. Even in my subconscious state Siwon is still my favourite huh? Eh I'm not making this up, it's true leh, I really had this dream. And then uh, Siwon went solo, cuz no more SuJu mah, all dead already. The weird thing is, I don't remember anything about me in this dream, only Siwon.

Oh wait, I guess this is not considered a nightmare, since Siwon is not dead.

Eh any SuJu fans reading this, it's just a dream okay. Relax, I like SuJu too. Just not as much as 2PM and FT.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Listen and you will see

What is wrong with the connection. It is slower than a Monday morning!!

Promised I'll upload pictures from Redang but got lazy. They're all on FB anyway. And I'm waiting for someone to get online so she could send me pictures from her camera, but no luck, haven't seen her online for a while. Maybe I'll edit this post when I catch her.

We (our large group of 16) went to Kuala Terengganu by plane, and sat the ferry to the island.

Boarding the plane.

Sunrise =)

The pak cik waiting for us in Terengganu, WITH MY NAME

On the ferry

Um.. we snorkelled most of the time. Played volleyball and Banana Boat as well. And very cliche-like, we buried someone in the beach. Nighttime we just walked around the island, saw "blue sand", they're coral eggs actually I think.

We're lucky lah, the abangs working in our resort were so kind, they went out of thier way to bring us around. They brought us far out in the sea when we were snorkelling, we wanted to see sharks mah, but no luck lah. They dived and caught quite a few "seafood" for us =) HAHAHAHA I have no idea what you call that in English. I only know starfish...
No this is not starfish. This is "hoi sam". Chinese New Year sure eat one.

Then they brought us to see baby sharks

If you can stand a little teasing, (you know some Malay guys lah, teasing is their way of life.) then it should probably be okay. I remember one of the abang kept saying he wanted a Chinese girlfriend. Then he told us his mom doesn't let him have tattoo or something. Another one heard us chatting and came over, telling us he has a tattoo. Being curious we asked to see his tattoo. He was already half-naked, and we cannot spot any on him. Then he pulled off his underwear a little, "tattoo kat sini. mau tengok?" ZZZZZZ no thanks.

Some of us went to play pool/snooker(?) at night, but not me. What for you wanna go indoor when you're already outdoor? So a group of us went to take pictures around Redang, and the abangs became our photographer (!). I'm still waiting for the pictures.

Spot the abangs. Eh but seriously speaking, some of them were very handsome. Not these lah.

Sunrise in Redang.

Nice kan, our legs? =D

The last day of our 3d2n trip. Everyone busy taking pictures.

Both pictures above looks nice right? Of course lah, I'm the one who took it.

This is not as nice as the ones above, because not I take one. It's only nice because I'm in it. =) You can see clearly how dark I've turned from this trip. My arms and legs are different shades from my back.

We went back to Kuala Terengganu by 11am and waited for our 9pm flight. So syok right. Whole day in Terengganu nothing to do. I was suffering withdrawal symptoms from Redang. I can feel myself bobbing up and down as if I'm still in the sea with a life jacket on.

Anyways, the very UNadventurous friends decided to lepak in KFC, cyber cafes, and Pizza Hut till 7pm or so until it's time for us to head to the airport. And me, like I said, why go indoors when you're already outdoors, walked around the town, taking pictures till my camera ran out of battery.

Eh what is Terengganu famous for? Ikan masin?
I have no idea, I simply ordered Bak Kut Teh for lunch.

My faithful friend who was up for the adventure and accompanied me.
Thanks ah, if it wasn't for you I'll be stuck in KFC the whole day.

Apparently this stick-food is only available in places other than KL. It's called Sagun and I felt like an idiot when I asked the vendor how to eat this.
The mak cik said, "buka, koyak, lepas tu makan" Very simple steps =_=
It's a powderish kind of snack, with coconut strips, sugar and peanut nibs in it. Dunno why but it smells like kuih kapit. Everyone from the KL group has never seen it before, while the others from Penang, Pahang and Johor looked at us like we were aliens. Yalah, kampung people eat one. Happy?

We finally made it to 7pm. Rotted in the airport for another 2-3 hours for our delayed flight. Had a fun trip! I give Redang thumbs up =) Eh by the way, the food provided in our resort were delicious! Maybe they add alot of MSG in it.

Something I "stole" from Redang. A rock shaped like my initial.

I have bruises all over my body. Clumsy me did not see where I'm heading, I just rammed my way around, hitting rocks everywhere.

And yeah, the sunburnt part.
Compare my hands and thighs. HUGE difference! practically black and white.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


No one likes to hang around someone grumpy. I know this one person, who constantly sulk and easily get cross. Everyone tried to avoid her, in fear of her irritable nature. No one wants to get near her, and because of that, she gets cranky and crankier. How sad and ironic.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Heroes among us

Sometimes I wonder if I'm psychic.

I have this "ability" that helps me guess another person's intention. I can't say that I'm 100% accurate, but I can guess correctly most of the time. It may not be neccessarily aimed at me, even among my friends, I can tell what they think or want through their speech and actions. I have a very acute sixth sense, I guess.

Or maybe I'm just extremely intelligent =)

Anyways, I'm back from Redang, as you can tell. Saw lots of drool-worthy hot bodies. Yes, I mean the abangs working there. My next post would probably be full of pictures from the trip.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

So long suckas!!! See you next week when I'm back from Redang =]

By the way, I miss 2pm horribly in Idol Show! They were the funnest/funniest so far out of all seasons...

Gah I shouldn't have packed last minute *smacks head* No idea what to pack. zzzzzzzzzz Always overpack when going for trips, yes *nods head*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Time now - 6:20 PM

I have finished my dinner, washed the plates, cleaned the sink, and my dad is sitting happily by the TV waiting for his 8:00 pm news.

My neighbours have just started cooking dinner.

Time taken to prepare dinner: 45 mins - 1 hour (or more)
Time taken to finish dinner: 10 - 15 mins

Monday, May 4, 2009

I hate people with multiple numbers! How am I supposed to know which number to message or call? And if you have 2 numbers, please lah, make sure that you actually use both your numbers, and bring them both by your side, always!! If not, just tell others the ONE number that you only use, and refrain from giving people the 'other' untended-for number!