Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Day 3

Day 3 - Birthday Party + Fan Signing Session (29.03.2008)


Woke up together with Jel around 6am, since we have to be at the Party House by 8am to set up our booth. I wore this super striking neon yellow t-shirt on purpose since I know I'll need it to catch the boys' attention =) Lousy Party House and lousy 'booth' (read: table). Blah I don't even wanna elaborate more on that. FT Island were supposed to arrive at 10.30am but they arrived around 3.15pm. During the 8am till 3pm wait all of us (fan reps and PRIs alike) just mingled around with each other and did nothing much. zzzzzz

Finally we saw the boys arrive in their car and us fan reps just got ready at our booths. I was peering into their not-so-heavily-tinted car for signs of JongHun and met MinHwan's eyes looking at me and mouth agape. Okay the 막내 got me happy again =) I must keep up dressing so colourful-ly next time!

I forgot who got out of the car first, but I do remember JaeJin's look when he got out. He had this really heart-wrenching expression on his face, as if he couldn't believe the place he was in. I turned my face away, and then I saw JongHun. BAM! He took my breath away. again. 帅到!!

Then I heard Kelly and Geral say 감사합니다! We actually planned it beforehand to say it together but I forgot ._. Anyway, JongHun was just in front of me when he replied 안영하세요 to them. HAHA more reasons for me to drool. He was so tall O_O and his voice is so deep and sexy =P Too bad he was wearing sunnies, can't get to see his eyes up close.

Fast forward. We got in the venue and waited for FT Island to appear. Everyone sang birthday songs and FT Island appeared. All fans went crazy and screamed. At this point I realized they wouldn't notice me even though I was seated just behind the sponsors, because there were simply too many fans! Ok I need Plan B. And I got one on the spot. My hoodie from my super striking neon yellow t-shirt! =) The moment I put it on JongHun spotted me straightaway AHAHAHA~ OKlah he was wearing sunnies so I don't know if he was looking at me, but he turned his face my way and stared for quite some time la. So I'll just be thick-skinned and make myself happy =)

Self-introducing time. WonBin was first. The moment he opened his mouth to talk everyone around screamed. except for me. And I actually recoiled because I couldn't stand the screaming. One thing I don't like about fangirls is their screaming (Although I'm guilty of it as well. sometimes. =P). And JongHun looked my way at that moment. He pointed to HongKi and HongKi looked over as well. And he smirked. Thinking back of it, I think it must have been pretty obvious. Everyone around me was standing up and cheering, and in the midst of them, a person wearing a yellow hoodie was backing away. TSK TSK I hope they're not thinking that I'm an unsupportive fan =( because I did scream when it was JongHun's turn to talk. And I was the one who shouted back "I LOVE YOU TOO!" when he said "I Love You!" XD

Don't have anything much to boast talk about anymore during the birthday party cuz there are already a lot of other fancams floating around the Net which captured better stories and images than my memory can serve me.

FT Island left the venue after around 15 minutes and us fan reps bolted out using our booth as an excuse =) Jel got a wave from HongKi and I got one from MinHwan LOL. Couldn't spot JaeJin and JongHun in the car =( Kelly got a handshake from WonBin and the rep from loveft-i touched WonBin's muscle I think O_O Don't really remember. You see, us Malaysians are so well behaved, we don't touch touch around although we want to [HAHA!] Nolah, if I have the chance of course I will =D They then took off to Cineleisure for their fan signing event, and MinHwan waved goodbye to us from the car. Yes, the 막내 again =) It's always him!

After waiting for more than 7 hours, was it worth it? Maybe to some. I blame it on myself for having no camera and also for having lousy seats. Fortunately, there are some generous and selfless Primadonnas who has nice pictures and doesn't mind sharing it with us. And I'm gonna post my fav ones here!

Love this picture the most because it's JongHun! it's so HQ

Glad to see HongKi fooling around like how we know him

Like this because it's so clear and it's JongKi! <3

Smiling away so happily....

It's not a clear picture, but it seems like he's waving towards the camera yea? =)

My angel =P HAHA

This picture ada "feel" to it



Rushed to Cineleisure on taxi, when we got there it was packed! So proud of Malaysian FTI supporters! At least FT knows they've got a lot more fans here in Malaysia, not only those from the airport and birthday party!

I have nothing much to say here, since I was in the very last row, and I did not have the opportunity to even have their signatures, so no stories to tell. I have pictures to share though =)

Forgot where I got this picture from

Like how HongKi looks in here =)

JongHun's expression!! <3

All of them seems happy ^^


Day 4 - Concert + After Concert Party + Departure

Concert canceled, therefore no after concert party as well. So I just waited at Sunway Amphtitheatre until 10.30pm, and then went back home to cry =)

Did not go to airport to see them off. The biggest regret of the year! >.< It's over anyway. Memories will stay forever =)

And now we have to worry about the aftermath.................

Monday, April 28, 2008

Day 2

Here's the continuation...

Day 2 - Press Conference (28-03-2008)

Okay, FT Island's press conference was held in Izzi Restaurant, Bukit Bintang, and was supposed to start 11.30 am. We had to register ourselves by 10.30 am, including the media partners.

Izzi restaurant

My press conference pass

So I went to Izzi together with Jel at the appointed time and waited for FTI to arrive. Kelly was already there, sitting with 2 Taiwanese fans. A lot of media were already there as well, and all of us just sat there and waited.

Took this while waiting for FTI to arrive

The air conditioner wasn't working, the room was hot and stuffy, and filled with people. 11.30am came and went, and still no sign of FTI. However, while I was waiting, I heard HongKi's laugh (I think they were practicing what to say probably) (no wait, I could've been hallucinating) (but Jel heard it as well!).

Okay, anyways, FTI finally showed up at 12.30pm. I was so relieved to see JongHun finally, cuz he was stuck in customs the night before and came out only around 3-4am. And wow, the sight of JongHun totally swept me off my feet. He was so much better looking in person! Now I understand why they were complaining they're not photogenic! And I got to see all of them clearer than yesterday, since it was really chaotic in the airport.

FTI entering the press con area. Everyone else went forward and stood up.

Wei Lin was kind enough to lend me her camera for the day =) I was seated in the back, therefore I couldn't really take nice and clear pictures. Furthermore, the photogs all went forward and blocked my view, so it's pointless taking pictures of their backs anyway. I just waited till everyone had settled down then only I took pictures ^^ But uh.. all the pictures I took were blur, luckily the videos turned out okay =)

Apart from the faulty air conditioner, the microphones weren't working as well. So the boys had to answer those questions without microphones. Pathetic, right? What kind of press conference is this? ._. The press conference was only half an hour long I guess, and the MC didn't even let the media ask questions. What the ...?

And me, being such an attention seeker, I managed to let the boys take notice of me while they were doing their interview HAHA! *couldn't resist being fangirly*
When everyone was sitting down and taking notes of the interview, guess what I'm doing.
- I'm the only one standing up and clicking my camera away. Very obvious heh!
- Plus I'm wearing another super colourful and body fitting outfit again! LOL I love myself in times like these~
- And I have short red hair (my red hair must be pretty obvious, thanks to the lightings positioned above me), and I'm tall [HAHA!]
- I kept fanning myself, touching my neck, forehead, rolling up my sleeves, then roll them down again while I took pictures LOL
- As I was seated in the back, I was free to move around without interfering anyone =)

It paid off! Each one of them really looked at me! MUAHAHAHA!! But I couldn't get too fangirly with all the press around la. Have to take care of my image also. So I just pretended like nothing happpened and continued taking pictures. I was really happy inside =D Everytime one of them looked my way my heart will beat faster (haha, what to do? I'm a helpless fan girl ma =D)

Fast forward. Press con ended, time for photo session. I went forward as well. Too bad I was too late, JongHun and me were separated by 1.5metres apart I think? HAHA! Nevermind, it was still close anyway =) Just not as close as the person in front of me. The organisers gave the boys a wau each, and HongKi pressed it onto his face like a mask. Wanted a take a picture but he was too fast for me. And JongHun played his wau like a paper aeroplane, Jel told me. I missed that moment damn!

I don't remember everything that happened, but one thing is etched in my mind forever. I humiliated JongHun - not on purpose! Wuuuwuwuwuwu~ ='( As fans of FT Island will know, JongHun is known for um.. being awkward, cheesy, a dork, call it whatever you want. And when the media requested FTI to pose for them, guess what JongHun did.

Yea the one on the far right is JongHun ._. Him and his awkward pose. Something slipped out of my tongue when I saw that, I was just so used to saying that, I didn't even realize I said it until I did. I said "SWEAT!" really loudly =( ARGH! JongHun looked embarassed and stopped doing his funny pose right away. And I was just right in front of him. Even the MC on the far corner heard me! The MC asked the media to forgive them since they're still new in this industry, therefore they don't know how to pose yet! I felt so bad for JongHun I could die on the spot! Someone kill me please! RAHHHH!!!

I managed to get this on video, but I stopped recording at the exact moment I said SWEAT. I was so shocked I forgot to record JongHun's reaction after I said that >.< I still feel guilty till now. Sorry JongHun! 미안해 종훈아~ ㅠ ㅠ I don't know if I should cry or laugh over this ._.

I can't really remember anything else because this memory of JongHun is so goddamn unforgettable !! Lemme try to recall.. Oh! I remember one.

I was standing in front of JongHun and JaeJin, and JaeJin was looking at me in my eyes for who-knows-how-long. He was really good looking la =D I was contemplating whether should I take a picture of him looking at me, since he might turn his head away the next moment. So I just stood and looked back at him, but he did not turn his head away! And I waited, and he's still looking at me. I smiled at him and gave him a little nod, he smiled back. WOOOO ok I made up my mind when he smiled. I whipped out my camera and he turned his head away the moment he saw it =_= [@#$^&%*(#~%@&!!!] What la JaeJin! Smile for my camera la woi! What for you wanna turn your beautiful face away!

After everything was over, the boys went inside and we were allowed to take pictures of the banner. Clumsy me almost fell over and knocked the banner down ._. Luckily I regained balance on time. Wonder what would happen if I really fell. FT Island was just behind the banner, accepting interviews. They would probably be O_O at me and thinking how clumsy can this girl get.

We ate some of the refreshments the organisers provided and I got to see glimpses of MinHwan behind the banner. We left Izzi around 1.30pm and saw some stalkers waiting outside Izzi. Wanted to join them stalking, but have something else to do, so I have to ditch the idea lor. We ended up lepak-ing around Sg Wang until 4pm then went off to do our stuffs. I should've waited there la! FT Island came out around 2pm! ARGH!

Yea, I think that's it for Day 2 =) The happiest day in their 4 day trip in Malaysia. (For me)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Day 1

It's been almost a month and finally, here is my fan account of what happened. After so long it still feels like a dream. Okay, fangirl mode again, I know sorry. And I don't really remember some incidents that happened. I guess I could say I'm lucky? At least I got to see them though I did not touch them. And I did not get my CD autographed *cries in corner* more on that later.

Day 1 - Arrival [27-03-2008]

Got some news that FT would be arriving around 4-5 pm, so I went to the airport together with Jel, Jie Ying and Madelyn. I wore my super colourful striped t-shirt on purpose so that I will stand out among the crowd. Attention seeker, I know =P JieYing (angel =D) drove all of us there (thank you <3! At least the memories in the airport were happy ones!)

When we arrived, we see only a handful of possible PRIs waiting. How sad. Luckily more and more PRIs arrived. Met Kelly and her sister and we waited for some time. One of those lady employees in KLIA came over and asked us who these boys were and told us she saw the handsome boys already. HAHAHAHA imagine us screaming when we heard that. And she also told us one of them wore a green hat (I think she meant HongKi, who wore a yellow-greenish[?] hat) and we kept craning our necks for any sign of handsome guys wearing green hat.

When I heard screaming from the other side, I knew fans had spotted FT and I'm bound to see them any time soon. Lousy me got no camera with me aiyor. Finally saw them walking out, but where was JongHun? If anyone hears a random who keeps screaming 종훈어디요? in videos, that's me ._. And I hear myself in a lot of videos. I swear, I did not mean to be THAT loud. *sweat* Anyway, I followed them to the lift, and in fancams, apparently I was still asking around for JongHun. I totally forgot.

I tried to take pictures but gave up cuz my handphone sucks.

The type of pictures I take with my handphone. I don't think anyone would know who is who except for me. Lucky for me, I met a very kind and sweet fellow Primadonna who shared her pictures with me! It's not much but I really appreciate it! Thank you Chui Leng! =D

Okay, the doors to the lift closed and all fans went for the escalator. I tried to look for Jel and JieYing but cannot spot them anywhere. Called Jel and found out she's already at the bus spot ._. Guess they know how to stalk FT better than me hor.

So I made my way to the escalator with another group of PRIs, and an air stewardess was blocking our way with her huge pile of luggage on trolley. She seemed apologetic cuz she knows we're in a hurry, but she could do nothing. Anyway, she asked us who those boys were and told us she was in the same flight as them. I remember someone asking her whether the boys were in business or economic flight, but I forgot her answer HEH. And I remember asking her whether the boys were sweet or not and you know what the hell she answered? She gave me this sweet little practiced smile and said "Well..." and walked off. WTF give a proper answer la woi.

When I reached there, the first thing I heard was an Indian scolding around. Seems like he was mad at us fangirls for blocking his way, he wanted to drive his bus away or something. Who cares when we've got FT *bluek =Þ* I then walked off only to find HongKi coming out of the bus and walking towards my direction. I didn't know what to do. Should I stay and watch him walk pass me? I chose not to care and walked back towards the bus instead.

HongKi seems mad and he searched among the luggages for something (searching for his camera - according to other fans). I stayed beside the bus and saw Kelly. And she told she gave her purple bear pen[?] and her lanyard[??] to WonBin. HAHA so weird but cute.

I could hear commotion on the other side of the bus. There were not a lot of fans where I was standing yet. I hate crowds and commotions. and also fangirls shrieking beside me. They were with either HongKi or the other side of the bus. Lucky for me la. I was just standing there, looking at MinHwan and then... I think he got shy since this weird 누나 kept looking at him, and he gave me a little bow. Aww how sweet! Later I got to know from Jel he bowed at her too. HAHA happy gila la Jel!

The always cute 막내

What happened next was kinda blurry, cuz nothing exciting or worth remembering happened. Umm... HongKi got back to the bus, and MinHwan's side of the bus got full of fans. I stood quite a distance from them, and since I already have a bow from MinHwan, I'm satisfied for the day =)

We then see the bus take off, and MinHwan waved goodbye to us. The craziness in me made me jump around and waved back at MinHwan. I was standing in front of all the other fans, so I don't know what they did. But I guess MinHwan saw this crazy 누나 wearing rainbow coloured t-shirt jumping up and down and waving like mad at him. HEHE not a nice sight to see =_="

We walked back to the arrival gate and planned to wait for JongHun. We talked to the guards and one of them told us JongHun got stuck in customs and couldn't get through, so he flew back to Korea. All of us went hysterical, we screamed, shouted, and the guards laughed at our reaction. He then conveniently told us he was joking. Not funny okay security ajusshi! We went back home soon after, cuz JieYing wasn't feeling so well. And FT already left without JongHun anyway, so what's the point of waiting?

It was my first experience welcoming stars like this. I am not THIS fangirly most of the time. Thank you Jel ._. This was really 'unforgettable' yea? LOL

I remember more and more as I write =) Will continue writing the rest tomorrow probably. Have to get some rest for my eyes now @_@

Look at what I did when I was supposed to be studying!

Damn zi lian 自恋 I know. Perasan-nya~! =Þ

Exams are over! I have a month long holiday whee! Wanna find for jobs, but am too lazy huehuehue.

Anyway, I'm working on my fan account. It's been so long, I don't really remember what happened anymore =( That's why I have to write down what I remember now in case I forget more in the future!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

OK I promise myself I will TRY to update frequently. Posting a few words every other day is not as hard as it seems to be =)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Another sleepless night...

This is frustrating! I went to bed around midnight and only fell asleep 2 or 3 hours later... what the hell is wrong with me! Thinking too much of FT Island...

I should go get a life. Seriously.

And I actually wanted to dedicate my first post to FT =( I am doing everything I can to NOT study for exams. which is tomorrow. ireallyneedtostudy


Oh before I forget =) Something interesting I found yesterday...


credits to Naver

Face of an angel, body of a devil XD
*dies of excessive nose bleeding*