Monday, January 25, 2010

obsession much?


I'm done with the shoe! I still have the other side to draw on, but I'm out of ideas.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hah the photo is too large.
Lazy to resize lah, wanna tidur d.

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Nice anot?!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

gek sam anot?

I went CNY shopping today. Alone again, but I've always liked to shop alone. I consider myself to be a good shopper. If I like something then I will just get it. I don't like to haggle or dilly-dally, I don't know why, haggling is just not my thing. Okay, maybe I am good for the shopkeepers, but not a good shopper --- damage to my purse?

That's why I feel weird shopping at places like Times Square or Sg Wang cuz everyone haggles over there. It is expected of customers. The most I will do is.....

"Got discount ah?"

I won't go to measures like
"No discount ah! Round it up lah! Discount Rm5 also can mah!" or etc etc etc I dunno what else they say cuz i dont haggle!

Got then got, don't have then don't have, I will still get it anyway if I like it (=S) I think haggling is very annoying leh. Last time in my dad's shop when customers ask for alot of discounts I sibuey dulan one.

Whatever, this has nothing to do with my original post (!!!)

Anyway, the point of this post is... I went inside this shop, and this auntie shopkeeper was there, who stared at me very unfriendly I may add, but I later found out she just looks angry at all time. her face is >:( twenty-four-seven one.

She was trying to sell her product lah, and I was checking them out. I chose two and didn't know which one to get, cuz I liked both, but I needed only one, and so the auntie gave me her opinion.

Auntie: Take A lah. A is bigger than B. Somemore now "heng" A mah.
Me: But B is nice too.
Auntie: Trust auntie lah, take A. Auntie's daughter-in-law also using A now, she likes it very much! She's around your age, 25-6 years old. Young people like you all should take this, looks very nice, very stylish one!

(eh the conversation above please read it like you're speaking Chinese. I cannot be bothered to type it into perfect English)

So in the end I bought A because it was more convenient to use.

Notice anything wrong with the conversation anot? Apart from the Chinese to English conversion.

She said young people like you 25-26 years old!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE EFF. I LOOK LIKE 25 YEARS OLD TO HER!

She compared me with her daughter-in-law!!! Married person! Daughter-in-law!!! 25 years old OMG! young people somemore. Kek sei ngor lah.

25 years old. shit. I'm not even 20 yet!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh ho ho ho ho. More than a month since my last post. If this goes on I might just abandon this. Hey I'm learning how to use tumblr.

Weih how to change my theme/template back to normal one. It takes too long to load on a slow connection.

Anyway, I went to the airport last Sunday. Because I thought the Muhan crew would be going back on that day. (according to some source lah) (omg i just typed source as course and realized i just have to exchange the S and C, sorry random)

oklahbacktothestory, i waited for almost 2 hours, ate KLIA's RM9 McD nuggets and went back home. Cis, dan the day before saya masih plan nak ambik gambar and autograph krew Muhan. (this is how bad my Malay is. Saya sudah lupa and mix random words to form a sentence) on in conclusion, I didn't get to see them. But I saw alot of other cute koreans though =)

and as you can see, this is very random post cuz I just felt like posting something. HA Ha hA ha.

p/s: I started and ended my post with laughters! May this year starts and ends happily too! hahahaha another random wtfbbq is going on?!