Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tralalala. I'm home on New Year's Eve. Not that I'm complaining. Never really liked crowds. Plus it would do my piggy bank some good if I stayed at home =) I honestly don't know what is going on in the minds of people who like to jostle in crowds just to countdown. They're complete nutcases!

So 2008 is coming to an end. What a tumultuous year it has been. I hope 2009 will be better!! Okay I'm feeling kinda weird inside now. I'm gonna be 19 but I don't feel like I'm 19. Oh whatever sheesh. Happy New Year !!! And remember, DO NOT make any New Year's resolutions okay? You know you will break them anyway *sticks tongue out*

I think I will go watch TV, or finish up my story book. What a nice and comfortable way to welcome the new year =)

Monday, December 29, 2008

I have to take a break from all the reading. My eye hurts. Mind you, I'm not studying for exams (I wish I am, all the subjects this semester are a total pain in the ass) Like the Twilight movie, I reread my Twilight and New Moon again. And I finally found Eclipse and Breaking Dawn some few days ago.

I am so lucky, seriously. I went to the Customer Service Counter in MPH and inquired whether they have any stocks of Eclipse and New Moon. The girl behind the counter said no at first. So I asked if I could pre-order it, and she told me I would have to wait till next month for the book to arrive. And I made this really disappointed face, and complained a little on why they take so long to arrive.

The best part came. The kind and helpful girl asked if I really wanna have it by today (well, 2-3 days ago anyway). Of course I said yes, I was already rereading the first two books by then. Guess what. She gave me someone else's pre-order copy of the books! She just took the new books out from under the counter and handed it to me, all the while smiling. So nice lah!

Eh people, remember to go buy books in MPH next time okay.

And another thing, when I was queue-ing to pay for the books, this girl in front of me whipped around and asked me where I got my copy of the books. I wasn't sure what to answer her, so I just simply pointed at the customer service and said I asked the lady over there. The girl was eyeing my books like a hawk, and that made me hug them even closer. Her friends came in not long after and they actually questioned me on the book. Like how come I get it even though I did not pre-order, what's the price of the book, what's the story about, errrr...? They made me feel like a criminal.

Even the cashier on duty (which looks an awful lot like the manager) got curious and asked aish. I wasn't sure if I got the kind salesgirl into trouble or what. Was she supposed to do that, give out other people's copy of pre-ordered books? Eh this turned out to be quite a long story. I've just started on the first few pages of Eclipse, been busy spring cleaning my room for CNY ._.

Talking about spring cleaning. Sakit hati lah aku! I threw away all the magazines/posters I feverishly collected during my J-pop fangirl days. Those are worth more than thousands lor can! I could buy an iPhone with the money zzzzzzzzz I AM NOT JOKING. iPhone, not iTouch, not iPod. iPHONE!!!

I really did not want to throw them, but they're just there, taking up space, I wouldn't even notice them unless I started cleaning out the cupboards and drawers. Why the hell did I buy them in the first place!!! They're not even cheap like normal magazines, around RM3-5?! I saw the price still on them and the cheapest was above RM20. Damn. And I threw hundreds of them away. Where did I get all those money when I was still a high schooler?!?!?!?!

Someone, anyone PLEASE give me a slap on the face next time I think of buying these ridiculous magazines again. I beg you.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As much as I like Twilight and Edward Cullen, I have to admit that I enjoy reading Harry Potter more. Twilight is just like... a romance story with a hell lot of complications involved. But movie-wise, Twilight wins, no arguments on that.

Aiyah so sad la. I was so happy because I got myself the perfect Christmas present and now I've done reading it. Sien lor. Have to wait till I'm free to get Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The birthday boy

Thanks for always fetching me back when I needed transport. Even on your birthday ._. LOL sorry and thanks, Billy! =)

Friday, December 19, 2008

It looks really nice with all these crystals on it!!

2x2, solved!
3x3, solved!
4x4 next, anyone? =D

But 4x4 expensive leh, freaking RM70. I could get myself 2 twilight books and still enjoy a bucket of BR ice cream with the change. think think think.

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

Either way, I'm pretty sure someone will get the 4x4 cube AND the twilight books as well JUST BECAUSE I said it was freaking RM70. Save yourself the money and do the earth a good deed la, you won't be able to solve it anyway =P

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I don't get it. What's the use of making law when you know there will be loopholes?

And also. Don't you miss pictures of pwetty pwetty boys in my posts? ME TOO! Haha okay you said no, I get it. I am always, constantly broke, but I have a feeling I will be more than broke by the end of this month. Ooh and I just watched Twilight (yes, again) to satisfy the fangirl in me. And I still have no idea where to watch it online... AND Kinokuniya finally has the movie cover of the book! Didn't get it though, I want the original cover.

shit. this is becoming a very random post ._.

Current wallpaper

Was watching Starking with mom the other day, and when I minimized the player she was shocked to see all these men sleeping on the floor and instantly demanded to know how come I have pictures of boys sleeping so... peacefully, or should I say open? She didn't believe me when I told her these are celebrities, because *quote* mereka tak ada image *end of quote*

aigoo my omma is so funny la. she thinks people are just born to be stars.

Monday, December 15, 2008

hello? I'm not dead yet.

just a little lazy... doing nothing.

I like to blog in the midst of my assignments, and now that I'm done and over with them... it's time for those dramas that I've stored since aeons ago.

P/S: LOL my blogposts are getting shorter and shorter ._.
I used to post 1937640340586964 pictures in one post... my page doesn't really lag your computer now, does it?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bah. For those who were thinking of getting the Twilight books, forget about it. For this week at least.


I went to Popular. none.
Went to MPH. none.
Went to Kinokuniya. none.

Got fed up and asked the sales assistant, they confirmed that it is sold out. The fastest they would have the book would be by next week. That is, IF the publisher still has stock. And according to them, the publisher has limited stock as well. High demand worldwide.

ZZZZZZZ twilight fever muchness. damn.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Supermassive Black Hole

I'm currently madly in love with "Twilight". You know the thing about having a female director? They give so much more aspect to a movie. Imagine if Twilight had been directed by a male director. There would be MORE action scenes and less storyline. The love between Edward and Bella is what makes the movie so beautiful! Thank god for Catherine Hardwicke and Stephanie Meyer.

And thank god for Robert Pattinson.

P/S: Buy me the Twilight book series as christmas present pretty please? *wet puppy eyes * Anyone?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I did something today which is totally unlike me.


Some of you may know what I did, some of you might not. Anyway, I've been wanting to do it for the longest of time. If I said what I did now, I might kena marah because I'm supposed to be doing some other thing. Hello I'm a master in the art of procrastination have you heard?

Monday, December 1, 2008

The kid who changed the lyrics to this is a genius.

I hate you, you hate me
Let's gang up and shoot Barney
With a shotgun BING BANG Barney hits the floor
No more purple dinosaur


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The thing I hate about relatives

They take my bed.

They invade my space.

They interrupt my time.

They hog the television.

They assume alot.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

taek me to your heart

ya allah I am so proud of myself. I can solve the Rubik's cube! DON'T ask me to show it to you the next time you see me.

My mom was worried that I'm a lesbo when she saw how obsessed I am with the cube. According to her, only guys like to play "these kind of stuffs (aka the cube)". So if a girl starts playing it, then the girl = tomboy. So being a tomboy, will fall in love with girls, which somehow makes me into a lesbo.

What the... ?

Me, a lesbo?! I admit I like to look at pretty girls, but I like pretty boys even more okay! Besides, who doesn't like pretty stuffs?

Dunno how my mom derived this weird logic.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

to be or not to be

I think I'm having Mass Media Law mid-term test tomorrow, but I'm not sure. I remember the lecturer saying that there'll be a mid-term this week, but our tutor says that it's on next week. EH? So should I believe our lecturer or tutor?


Random. Took some pictures of our Malaysian skies.

Everyone thought some building in Taman Melati had caught fire (see the black smoke) but it was actually mosquito repellent LMAO

Taken from the bus stop near home. Clouds have covered the mountain peak.

Love this picture. Doom is coming =)

Yeay McVities Caramel Digestives! *licks fingers*

Eh. browsed through the folder and found this. Hard solid proof that boys will always be boys. They were concentrating so hard on the game and did not bother about anything else. And to think that they are close to 20 years old ._.

Went to Times Square just now, and my friend found this brochure/leaflet from somewhere, stating details about PARAN's live in Malaysia. But err... I pity them la. Who's gonna go? Even very established stars like DBSK's concert wasn't fully seated (maybe just a little more than half).

Plus their tickets are like super expensive, for the concert lah, not showcase and fans meeting. The cheapest seats are RM180. Would that many people fish out 180 bucks to see someone they're only vaguely interested in? Eh but lah, the fans meeting and private showcase's price is okay. What's a private showcase anyway?

I thought at least I had the chance to go to the airport for their arrival lah. Bagi support sikit kan. But after seeing the leaflet I realized I'm not in Malaysia at the time. ZZZZZZZZ bad timing. Luckily it's only PARAN. Tak payah self-stab.

My randomness is kicking in. I taught my mom how to say 10jeom manjeome 10jeom =D And she totally loves loves loves (hearts a gabazillion times) the song!

Sunday, November 16, 2008












Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Pepero Day need to eat pepero stick =)

MinHwan's birthday need to wish him saengil chukkahamnida also ma! Stop growing so fast dude. It's hard to keep up with you ._. Although I always used to complain that you look retarded everytime you aegyo, and that you look horrible while aegyo-ing with the muscles and everything, but I kind of miss it.

I cannot recognize the magnae I used to know anymore! *coughidolshowwith2pmcough*
Haih. No one can stop anyone from growing up. Haih.

Anyway, Happy Birthday =)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ewwww GD, what the F is wrong with you?

Guess what I've been busy with these few days (and more to come)?

House chores BOO! Yeah we sacked our maid finally. She threatened us with a freaking knife. Where can keep her like that?!

And Dad is still pondering whether or not to hire a new one. He better say yes, cuz me and my mom can die doing all the work. I dreamt last night I have a new maid lor. When I woke up I was smiling somemore. Crazy not? That is how tired I am from doing all those work

Boring lecture. What to do? Makan lah! Satay ikan somemore =D

Some hotdog bought in the korean mart. Dunno lah, I feel so dirty when I was eating this. Macam unhygienic saja, cuz this can be eaten without cooking.
心理作用 (correct chinese character?)

kesian Wan Lu's pretty face kena blocked XD

Eh I dunno what model this car is, but it says VIP =) Diamond studded Toyota sign somemore. It might be a Proton Waja LMAO

Hehe doodled on the wasted DVD-R.
2PM 10jeom manjeome 10jeom!

Eh eh Chansung is in Kkokko Guan guang =) He's my age lar, how can he go for blind dates like that? And I hate Gil for bullying maknae GRRR!

Sudah 6pm. Ciao MuBank starting =) Must watch before doing assignment!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I should be feeling jealous but right now I'M REALLY PROUD of everyone who went to Changi airport yesterday! You guys pwn okay!! Changi macam fully packed, and everyone saw 2PM and how polite they were! *DOUBLE WHEE*

Lucky la you people. I will get my chance some other day =)


Me and May finished recording our shots for the TV assignment today, and when we went back home, the DVD-R cannot be played! DVD player tak boleh. RealPlayer tak boleh. Windows Media Player tak boleh. Whatever player we used pun tak boleh!

ZOMG macam mana wei?! Kan cheong leh!! We cannot pinjam the videocam d lar!

Eh this is long shot or boom shot?

I'm in love with this place =) So cool and quiet there

Monday, November 3, 2008

it's tomorrow =(
My Khun~~

-Edit- 9.16pm

Ooh wait, tomorrow is not such a bad day after all!

It's TOP's birthday! =) Shit how can I actually forget that!

Lazy to write a looooooooooooooooong message that you won't read anyway =)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

need. to. go. to. low. yat.

I purposely went to college 2 hours earlier yesterday to get some Baskin Robbins, but turns out KLCC doesn't have Baskin Robbins outlet!! Taulah aku, I can eat Baskin Robbins whenever I want, but I just feel like eating it with discount!! APALAH! wuwuwuuuuuuu ='(

And also, my mouse sudah mampus. It somehow double clicks when I only click it once, and sometimes it doesn't even click no matter how hard I click it. Geram grrrrrrrrrrrr!! I am so gonna get a new mouse soon. Meanwhile I'll just use my brother's mouse when he's not at home.

I've got youuuuuuuu under my skin

Chun Lee 3G-ing with Loo

Koreatown! from far =)

My dirty jeans

Terrer? Driving without steering!

What's in my bag. Can see the Grease VCD?

Timetable zzzzzzzzz

Thursday, October 30, 2008

bah I totally give up having a "normal" blog skin, with title URLs, comment posting and everything. Had it for like 12 minutes, wanna edit some features but I dunno how to ._.

Gonna stick with this for some time, till I figure out how to edit the normal blogger template. Or I might just go back to Xanga. Wordpress looks pretty too.

New cravings: Chocolates and lollipops.
Not "Bang Bang Tang boys" lollipop. I crave "cavities on stick" lollipop.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daytimes are getting shorter.

The sky used to slowly turn dark around 7.30pm onwards.

It's only a little past 7.00pm now and it's already pitch black. Like what 8pm used to look like.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

dentists are not scary.

Had to get three fillings at the dentists earlier today because the cavities have been killing me slowly the past week.

Like most people, I dread going to the dentists because they seem scary, with the mask over their face, and those razor sharp tools that they always hold in their hands. So it's not a surprise that I've never ever been to a dentist before.

When the dentist injected anesthetic in my jaw, I whimpered a little. But now that it's over, I think the anesthetic is actually lebih one lor! My mom had to get hers done as well but how come he didn't inject anesthetic for her?

Anyway the process was okay, listening to the metal grinding on your teeth. And you have no idea what's going on. I could fall asleep if the dentist did not keep asking me to open my mouth wider. It wasn't painful at all, dunno ada kaitan with the anesthetics or what.

After it was over I could not feel my tongue. Half of it is numb. That was fun! When I drank water, only half of my tongue could feel the coldness sliding through. I tried out all sorts of food, just wanna know what's it like to eat food without the sense of taste.

First I ate those Fruit Plus sweets, it was like chewing on gum which has lost its flavour.

Then I tried some ginger powder my grandma likes to drink, and that resembles sand.

I ate chocolates with nuts, the chocolate was like gooey all over your mouth, nuts are just like... nuts.

Tried biscuits, it's like some crunchy chewing going on.

Rice is just sticky after you chew it.

Chilli sauce is sticky as well.

Egg tofu is really soft.

And I should stop procrastinating. Presentation on Tuesday! Haven't started, not even the slightest idea what I'm supposed to do.

Oh Mr Wonka. Please help me secure a good grade this term ok =_=

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

grease grease

Geez soompi is down for the umpteenth time this week &$#&%^*&%^&*#

Mom loved the drama 태양 의 여자 when it was previously shown on KBSworld. When I was window shopping I saw this shop selling the drama's DVD. And I remember my mom complaining that she missed the last episode, and wanted to know what's the ending.

She was kinda surprised when I told her I bought it especially for her, cause I'm normally selfish, and only spend money on myself. She kept re-confirming if I really bought the DVD for her. Haiyar, wanna become filial once in a while pun di-questioned-kan.

Anyways, 태양의여자 = TaeYang's Girl! Muahahaha! I am 태양 의 여자 =)
Too bad the title says Women of the Sun instead.

Ooh, and and and!

Lucky people (mostly S'poreans) who get tickets for the Singapore Kpop Concert, remember to give lots and lots of support + love to all the artists who're gonna perform yea? Show them that the rest of South East Asia, not only Thailand, loves them too!

Remember to show MORE love for Wonder Girls and 2PM okay? Help me shout loud loud for NichKhun! and YooBin! and Chansung! and SunMi! and Sunye!

NichKhun says rakna jub jub *hearts*

LMAO only heard that phrase once from MinHwan and it's stuck with my tongue now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

woohoo! so syok?

I was sitting in the living room, re-watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, when my brother came home from work, and so he asked rather skeptically:

"Yer, nice to watch meh? Looks like a kids' movie"

"Shut up lah! I'm watching it for my assignment. I cannot listen to what they're saying"

And he gave me the *huh* look after hearing my answer.

"Wa lao. How come your subject can watch movie one? So syok ah your assignment"

Syok? I beg to differ. I probably have to watch it a million times (metaphorically speaking of course) to get the tiny little details about the scenes and stuffs.

Far from syok. I prefer reading the book.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

yet another fangirl post. Shoo if you're not one.

Just watched the MV and uh... I preferred the preview ._. How come someone always dies in their MV?! The preview looks so intense, exciting and full of darkness, so I imagined it to have alot of MANLY fights and stuffs, but it's more or less the same as their previous MVs. And I certainly don't like that they always portray women as weaklings.

Guess I expected too much from the preview, and truthfully speaking, I am a teeny weeny little disappointed. Can't deny the fact that the boys are awesome hot, image-wise. Okay, so Jonghun got the kiss scene. Lucky boy. Poor girl though, will she get anti-fans from this? Primadonnas aren't exactly a bunch of matured people you know. Well not all.

The nuna JaeJin likes is really pretty! I liked her even from the DaeJangGeum days! JaeJin's acting improved a lot, but I don' think it's good enough. He seems to be unnatural at times. There's definitely more space to improve as an actor. HongKi and JongHun is good though, at least they seem natural and confident. Or maybe I'm being bias =X

Aiyar I'm critizing so much I don't sound like a Primadonna, but uh... Primadonnas who are seeing this -- all these are constructive criticism okay. I still love the boys. They're sizzling hot in the MV!

[MV Part 1] FT Island - HEAVEN + Loving You

[MV Part 2] FT Island - HEAVEN

Video credit: Mnet & jinnienomuyeppo@youtube

Side note: The FT Island thread on soompi is moving very fast these few days, although it's full of complaints, but everyone is spazzing like mad now. That's a good thing!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Yo Girlz Desire

I missed Music Bank the other day as I went out celebrating my father's birthday, and so I thought I missed GD and TOP hosting the show with InYoung. But I guess not! God is on my side MUAHAHAHA saw them today =) Happy-nya aku sekarang! And I can watch them on Saturday again. YAY for repeat telecasts!

I get a little frustrated whenever I watch 2PM's performance though. Their choreograph and everything is nice, but I would like to see more of Nich Khun! It's hard to see him real clear in performances cuz he has like... only 4 lines?! Four VERY SHORT lines?!

Hey JYP are you seeing this?! I demand to see more of Nich Khun! I WANT to see more of NICH KHUN!

This is so cool. Nich Khun has a whole Wiki page to himself =) Oh, GD and TOP has it as well. I know lah, you're saying "so what? Kenny Sia also got lah!" HEHEHEHE I'm self-entertaining here ._. Okay nevermind I'll just upload piccies.

Tak tau lah, just feel like posting this picture of Billy.

Celebrated Dad's birthday in Dragon-I

This was really tasty. Szechuan chicken or something. Forgot lah

Dad's birthday cake. Don't think I baked it the correct way but it's still delicious. It's a little too sweet but Dad finished it anyway =) Oh by the way, this is chocolate lava cake lar. Got the recipe from Xiaxue's blog.

And err... it's a little embarassing to say, but this was supposed to be pepero sticks. Dunno what ingredients I got wrong but it turned out to be cookie-cake? Blah just dipped them in chocolate, coloured balls and almond nibs to make them look nicer. They actually taste okay! Just that they're not pepero sticks when I meant them to be =(

I'm still waiting to watch FT Island!! Guess I have to watch the MV tomorrow, gotta sleep soon, can't stay up and wait. Excuse me mister

And oh, another by the way, everytime I hear vibrations (handphone, fridge, any vibrating sound lah!) I automatically look around and assume someone is playing 10jeom manjeome 10jeom. ZOMG I am so 2PMed

Sunday, October 12, 2008

LMAO This is so true. Click to read.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I have a scary maid

My maid always has a knife in her pocket whenever she goes out.

I heard her going out just now, and then a dog yelped not long after. I don't wanna know what happened, or did not happen. It sounds like a horror movie.

By the way. Did you know that horror movies are nothing without sound effects? You should try watching horror movies next time, muting the sounds. Not syok at all. broadcast students can shut up because I wanna show off sikit.

Okay bye bye my lava cake is freezing to death. I have to pop it into the oven.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

JoongBo all the way!

Yeay for recipes! Found a lot of easy ones. Time to fatten up everyone again! I simply love food =) I can get happy with the sight of food LAWL.

Made this cornflakes oat chocolate cookie yesterday, and it's gone now. I should open a bakery shop when I grow up =D EH? I'm a grown up now WTF

5 days to go for MV. 7 days for Part 2.