Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes I am so proud of myself! My first time donating blood =)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Damnit people. Just click on my nuffnang ads okay.

It's okay if you're not interested in what they have to offer. Just click on the ad, wait for it to load (or maybe not), and just click the red X without knowing what effing ad you just clicked. I am totally okay with it. JUST CLICK OKAY!

P/S: I the used the word 'just' 5 times, 'click' 5 times and 'okay' 4 times for such a short post.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Script writing again!!

I am not so sure if I still want to write scripts after college.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's not a dream

I was sitting alone in the park near my house just now, enjoying the weather, while eating my yoghurt. An hour or so passed, I remained seated and listening to songs from my handphone speaker.

Not long after, I heard motorbikes, and saw two Malay guys riding on one each, flying at terrifying speed (note: it's a housing area). They looked dangerous to me, so I tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible, trying not to move too much, and I paused the songs too.

No use lor, both of them saw and eyed me, but they were going too fast to stop, so they went straight ahead and I lost them in the corner. They were still eyeing me when they turned, so I think it's time I get running back home.

As I was at the junction, I heard the motorbikes again. OMFG they came back for me. I was scared shit. I saw them eyeing the place I seated a moment ago, and then started scanning places nearby while still on their motorbikes. I hid behind this huge tree (Thank god for trees with big trunks!) and luckily there were bushes and I was wearing green.

They were circling the place, and I was circling the tree to avoid them. I was still two streets away from my house, too far to dash home =( At length, they probably thought I was gone, and went off howling with laughter. After making sure they're not coming back I really RAN RAN RAN as fast as I could back home, and kept craning my neck to check every few seconds.

I'm safe at home now thank you. What the hell was I thinking when I was sitting alone in the park?
I have never once thought I would look forward to going back to college. But now, I am extremely happy that college has started! At least I get to escape home and mom for a while. They have become increasingly depressing these past few months.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

It's March 7th =) Happy Birthday to the guy with one of the most gorgeous profile I've ever seen! I was glad I got to see you real close last year, which is in my list of unforgettable moments. Happy birthday again, and I'm glad you went back to this hairstyle!

And of course, it's my brother's birthday as well, as you can see from my calendar. Sorry lah Leong, I like handsome guys more, but I wished you happy birthday right after I woke up this afternoon.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Patience is virtue

I've learned from time and time again that patience pays off. Acting rashly on impulse, without thinking, just plonking myself headlong into a particular idea, object, or anything else for that matter... I would come to regret them sooner or later. For most of the time anyway.

I remember going shopping with this friend of mine, who had a particular shoe in mind that she really liked. She only saw it once on ebay or something, but she was intent on getting it in Malaysia. The shoe she had in mind was pumps, slightly round edged, with a strap across the middle. We went to lots of shops and saw lots of similar shoes, but she wasn't satisfied because it isn't the same.

I saw lots of pumps with straps across the middle, only a little slight difference to each of them. She saw one that she liked, but was sharp edged, so that was a no. Another that I pointed out to her, she disliked because it was peep-toe. Another we managed to find, was round edged, with colours she liked AND straps as well, but she complained the straps were in the wrong place. She wanted the straps half an inch higher near to her ankle. We went in to every single shoe shop in the nearby shopping malls, and at last found it. I salute her for her patience.

Oh wait, that's perseverance, not patience. Sheesh perseverance or patience they're the same to me. But it was good that she did not buy the other pumps we saw before, because it would break her heart when she found this perfect one.

Another time, she was hunting for an iTouch case. She went to some digital fair and this one shop had the case she really liked, but she did not have an iTouch at the time yet, so never buy lah. And by the time she bought it, the fair was of course already over, and... the same process happens all over. We went in to every single shop at Low Yat just to find the case I had never set eyes on before.

I was trying my hardest to be patient throughout her iTouch case quest, and when we finally found it, I was relieved and happy as if I myself had achieved something great. WTF it was just an iTouch case. If it was me, I would have settled for anything that looks nice, instead of finding "THE ONE". I worry for her future boyfriend, IF she has a boyfriend, because she would never settle for second best. She only likes Park Hyo Shin and Brian =S

Maybe I should learn from her, to be patient, and persevere. But then again, even Edward had to wait almost a century for Bella to come along. See lah, how happy Edward and Bella now. Patience really does pay off.