Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye college! Hello holidays!

I can smell the sea, and hear the calming waves. I feel the sand beneath my skin. I taste the heat in the air. Beads of sweat trickle down my spine. I open my eyes to be greeted by the scorching sun, blinding me momentarily.

RAWR I can't wait!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guilty attack!

I have to say sorry to my lousy old computer. I should never have doubted your abilities. It is not your fault that you cannot detect my friend's pendrive, as I assumed so. I even tested you by using another pendrive of the same brand and capacity, and you never failed me. It is purely 100% the pendrive's fault. I am very sorry. Extremely sorry.
Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry
내가 내가 내가 먼저
네게 네게 네게 빠져
빠져 빠져 버려 baby
Shawty Shawty Shawty Shawty
눈이 부셔 부셔 부셔
숨이 막혀 막혀 막혀
내가 미쳐 미쳐 baby

So.. please do not die on me!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

you know things are VERY wrong when a cockroach can make you feel guilty.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

drip drip drip

Someday I will learn how to run around like Domokun. Hands flailing around and mouth wide open. So damn cute OMG

Yay. Kinda excited! I am anticipating something...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

IE8 sucks. pfft how to uninstall but I dont wanna lose my bookmarked links.

I have alot to do. But I am doing nothing.
Biding my time. For what, I don't know.

Okay, now I know the links won't get lost.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's the whole world against me.

When someone - be it a friend or family, whom you know you can trust your life with - hurt you with their words and actions, without them realizing it, what do you do? Shrug it off? Pretend like nothing happened?

Or do you make it known that you feel angry and hurt at their seemingly innocent words, risking yourself look like an immature fool? And people will then assume that you have PMS every single day?

Sometimes you have to wonder if they really know you that well.

It feels far beyond disappointing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

feels like insomnia... aaaah~

Aiyar I have so many catching up to do lah! I downloaded too many movies and series and they're taking up too much space(again)!! Have to watch them and then decide which ones to delete and which ones to keep. Stupid hectic college semester. Can't believe it, it's like I've barely started the semester and now it's the finals already OMG I hate short semesters. See I've been so busy I did not update my blog. No lah I'm lazy actually.

Lemme show you why I've been so busy recently. Get ready for your computer to laaaaaag!

Okay first I went to eat Nando's. Haha nolah that's not why I'm busy. Just wanted to show you the very delicious chicken. Looks nice kan?

I went to the recording studio for Project Laugh (Yao Ni Hao Xiao). I think it's gonna be aired on NTV7 soon. Not sure what time though. Probably weekends.

See!! Gurmit Singh! He's really friendly and funny.
And very much like Phua Chu Kang in person too.
Recognize him anot?
Director always busy one. During break time always listening to phone or taking random pictures with his SLR.
We did 2 recordings in one day. Damn tiring can. We entered the studio in afternoon and went back home around 8 or 9.
I think alot of people watched Money No(not?) Enough 2 right? She's the girl who danced ballet one leh... But lost in the end lah.
Some Malaysian artists we normally see in commercials and local dramas. They're so tall and pretty, unfair =(
Maklumlah this is a candid shot. See my face also know lah. But anyway, my point is... 10jeom manjeome 10jeom! Teeheeheee =) I have a better picture actually, but I like this scrunched up face of mine. Weird huh. Looks natural ma.

And of course, a picture with Director Neo! He gave me thumbs up =)

Project Laugh aside, I've been doing a PSA for my assignment. To promote the college. Sounds pro anot? TV production leh. Cheap budget one lah. No budget actually =P

We (me and group members) spent a hell lot of time on it man. So proud I can cry a river. 2nd most touching moment this year after the blood donating event.
The members at work.

Busy editing parts and joining them together, while discussing about which transitions and the whatnots to use.
Mac Computer. Looks nice, but not practical. Cannot accommodate more than 3 screens/images in a frame. Lags like hell. Referring to the ones in my college.
Cameo appearence by Chin Chye. Yes his name is pronounced as cincai, the suibian lah that cincai. Never seen his parents before but I give them kudos for their humour.
We worked till so late everyday that by the time I got on the train back home it was already empty. Void of humans. wuuuuu~ The first time I've been on an empty train (and mind you, I take trains on an almost daily basis).

By the way, saw this car with the huge Liverpool emblem on it when we were shooting one of our scenes. No I'm not a Liverpool fan. Just so happen I was wearing red.
And to prove I'm no Liverpool fan, I take pictures with yellow creatures too okay. The yellow man from Digi. Haha he's kind of scary looking from near.

Something random. My mom makes a very nice model =)

I wanna go to Melaka again! Last week because of qingming the cousins had to rush back to Singapore =( Melaka seems like a nice place to backpack travel. Lots of beautiful stuffs to take pictures of.

And yeah, I think I will stop for now. Posted enough for a month I think =X