Thursday, July 31, 2008

My connection is being gay. It took me 5 whole mins to log in to blogger.

FT is much better okay. I remember so much from the time FT came. I don't remember a single thing that happened today. WTF.

And I only remember seeing Yesung, Sungmin and Siwon.

That's Siwon's sexy back by the way.
I clicked my gay camera at the wrong time DAMN

Just a short account. Going to sleep soon.

FT is so much more memorable.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tomorrow babeh~

Can't wait can't wait for tomorrow!

*rushes off to charge camera battery*

But have to really complete all my assignments on hand by tonight! Don't wanna think and worry about them for these few days. And still have a lot to do after I come back from genting........ I hate 2nd year la! 1st year is such a bliss.

Do not even have time to make a small fanboard. GRRR. Nevermind lah. At least I won't feel guilty towards SuJu nor FT nor BB. It's not that I don't wanna make one, but I don't have time! no time no time. busy ppl memang like that one okay

MNG mid term today ._. everyone copied like no one's business. Just copied the same exact thing we have on our notes into the answer paper. And the silliest part? Some of them don't even know where to find the answers. Fuhh, lucky our KungFu Panda got his donuts to keep him happy.


Edit - 2350




blah but my kangin only coming tmr. shindong as well.
kibum may not be coming =(


I fear I cannot think straight tomorrow. Funny la, like last time. We said to have chants, promised each other not to scream but in the end? LOL pushing like mad. Chants? bah what chants?

Monday, July 28, 2008

har?! ok la ok la

Har I finally took a picture of the open burning act. But it's kinda pathetic leh, cannot really see properly, cuz I was in a moving bus ma. The fire and the uncle who guards it has been blocked by a tree. Nevermind, try to locate it la.


Yer the tickets very pretty lor okay. I wanna keep one after the event ah. But hor, on the ticket it says...

Wei Jeleine. You sure you sudah 18 ah?
And hor, when I reach Genting I'll call you. Cause I need to pass you the tickets. And I need to dump my luggage in the room as well ._.


Anyways, happy birthday Wei Lin! Thanks for inviting me! =)

^Apela. Sendiri cakap childish but playing so happily ._.


YER my lopsided love ._.

HEH. JongHun's the only one looking at the camera ._. I believe he's supposed to be looking elsewhere since the others are?

Credits: + Sherteukie <3 @ soompi

When I'm just starting to get used to your ahjumma hair you decided to take it one step further by cutting your hair AND still keeping your curls >.< Hun you look like Han Ga In now. Credits: on pic + ying_1005@soompi


I'm trying to catch up on some SuJu news. But I feel very boring lar. LOL. Browsed through one page in soompi and decides that YouTube is better =D Can see them move and jump around. Went to Forever21 today purposely to buy blue shirt okay ._.

Really tempted to make a fanboard bearing the words 슈쥬 but then the rebel in me wanted to make a 빅뱅 behind it =P Then I can gek sei all ELFs when they see my board. I'm going to Genting with a group of them, better not do something as foolish as that la.

Plus I did not even make one for FT, which is my favourite, so why should I make one for SuJu anyway? Don't wanna give my first time to SuJu ceh.


Haih. For sure you won't know where the fire and the uncle is. Arrow pointing at the uncle. Fire in the circle.

Friday, July 25, 2008


YooBin jjang!!

Gah I bet Jeleine is a very happy girl now. Don't be too happy first okay. I don't know my way to Wisma Genting yet. And I won't go walking the whole Jalan Sultan Ismail to look for it okay. And I still don't think this is the tickets you want la. Anyways, better than nothing la har. Any candidates in your mind you wanna bring along?


Everytime I go to Koreatown Jeleine will somehow sms me asking for some other things one lor. Freakish coincidence. And everyone brought their camera today! Why har?!

Anyway, extremely hungry, went for food first before anything else. Saw this restaurant with Koreans inside enjoying their food, so we chose that restaurant la. Because the others are lifeless ._.

^ Ddeokbokki. Very nice okay?!
The one I ate before at Pavillion sucks to the max compared to this.
^ Dolsot Bibimbap.
Tastes best together with the ddeokbokki sauce. I know people add gochujang, but you should try it with the ddeokbokki sauce next time!
^ Mandu!
Not sure what ingredients are in it, but I hope it's not beef.
Nevermind lah, what I don't know won't hurt me =)
^ The not so many banchan.
^ Pajeon very nice also okay.
Korean food reminds me so much of chinese food. Especially this one.

Finished all! It's damn clean can?! See, all the sauce from the ddeokbokki is gone. Not even a grain of rice is left on the stone pot lor! Maybe only a few sesame seeds left la. We're a group of hungry ghosts LOL. So tempted to order bulgogi but decided to leave and eat something else.

Some random conversation with the waiter in the restaurant.

Waiter: (taking order, speaking in Mandarin - but looks like a Korean)
Us: (ask in Mandarin as well) Are you Chinese? Or Korean?
Waiter: (smile) Chinese-Korean
Us: Aaaah.. No wonder.

And then hor, he kept flaunting his Mandarin. But too bad we didn't really understand him cuz he was talking in China Mandarin. Not Malaysian or Singaporean Mandarin. Kind of hard to understand lei. And when we're about to leave,

Us: Do you know any KTV here? Um.. karaoke?
Waiter: (blank) KTV? *think think think*
Me: Noraebang.
Waiter: Oh! Noraebang! There is one above our restaurant!

And then he explained that it's kinda costly and bla bla bla a lot of other things la. Quite nice leh that waiter.

I found the home made ice cream!

Everyone was already halfway through baru teringat of pictures ._. Anyway, it was really delicious!

Like what this says:

Walked around somemore, went into a few marts and bought some stuffs, and then went back home.

SPAM har.

Gah very tired now. Going to bed good night.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

this sucks!

I am thoroughly utterly disappointed with our Malaysian police. I passed by one of the police dorms this morning, and I saw open burning (not sure - in BM it's called pembakaran terbuka). It's illegal right? Even if it's not IT SHOULD BE MADE ILLEGAL!

And the worst part? The open burning was inside a secluded (well not so secluded since I saw it) corner of the police dorm. INSIDE THE POLICE DORM! Policemen lives there and they burn rubbish just like that! The police station was just beside the dorm you know.

So much for saving the environment. This is not the first time I've seen it happening in that particular police dorm. The first time, maybe a month ago - the fire was really HUGE and I still remember the uncle standing over to "guard" the fire. He was fat and short. Wearing a hat, maybe scared of people like me that will recognize him and put him into jail. The second time - today, don't see any fire, but I can still see smoke coming from the same corner.

The leaves from the tree above it are all dead and withered. And the metal fence (pagar) had turned all black from the smoke. I remember seeing ashes flying around. Eurgh. So dirty.

Too bad I did not take a picture, but even if I did, the picture would not show the police station's sign anyway, because it has been strategically located far away from the open burning corner. Har, they have brains to save their own asses at least.

By the way, the police station I'm talking about is in Ampang. The one near the LRT station. GRRR I am so mad! Nevermind I will try to take a picture of it tomorrow!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

mixed feelings

Been really busy these few days. In fact, I shouldn't even be here right now! I should be doing my assignments! But I'm feeling extremely excited and cannot think straight because...
MAA baby! MAA! And I got the Mosh Pit! And red carpet as well! WooHoo! Aiyar Jeleine you should've come along la >.< Got SuJu leh ._. I aim for Big Bang actually. Now I feel so weird because I'm not a huge SuJu fan, you are, but I got the tickets instead.

Anyway, really really 정말 감사합니다 Jie Ying for giving me the sticker!!! 真的很谢谢你!! Terima kasih banyak banyak! 本当にありがとうございます! Wow I just thanked you in every language that I know. Jie Ying, you betul betul angel aku lah! From the time when FT Island came until now SuJu is gonna come you really helped me a lot lei!

Another reason why I'm so happy. VJ Utt was there as well!! Surprise, didn't expect him!

Utt. Eyes. Enough said.

He has tattoos on his inner arm (Good taste - like GD). VJ Taya is different from what I imagined her to be. Can't blame me. I've only heard her through the Hitz.FM PSA. She sounds monotonous in it. But she's good! Doesn't hurt to say she's pretty =)



I saw a group/bunch of idiots I really hate since the FT days. Still looking as usual - exaggeratingly glamorous. Bitchy kind of way. And still leading some foolish minds with them. Hah, got no contacts this time! What you gonna do what you gonna do?


Edit - 2215

Damn la! I'm the one doing everything! I know you're busy, but you think I'm not? I'm just as busy as you, if not busier! I don't wanna risk failing, so I just gotta do it all?! As if you're not afraid of failing. What if I don't care? You are so dead.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I love...

...days when I am running late for college, and the taxi uncle seems to know. when the taxi uncle does not follow law and cut queues.
...him more when he speeds like he owns the road.
...him the best when I reach college on time without any mishaps.


I want tickets to the big Emm.Ae.Ae! Anyone going to Cineleisure for the roadshow this weekend? =( Bring me along pretty please!


You must be wondering why am I posting such a horrendous picture. Nolah, just wanted to show you my lecturer and her fashion sense. I'm not joking, she's a lecturer, not student ._. Very "young" hor? I took the liberty of pixelating her face away.

Your keyboard is safe from your puke, thanks to me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I crave for something to eat NOW

FIRST THINGS FIRST - I do not smoke !! That previous picture was just a pose la. The cig is not even lighted okay?

Hi Bin! You're in my lecture notes! =D

Cilakak JongHun! Sendiri cakap ジョンフンが大好き pulak. LMAO! So perasan lah JongHun nih! 너무 좋아 XD Aigoo Hun ah, stop scaring those customers away la. They won't buy just because you're a Korean okay (although you just conned two young girls into it). Just give up using that phrase already ._. Minani likes small little girls. How cute =)


Feeling stressed out the whole day. Went to school only to remember that I have an assignment due today! Finished it in the college's computer lab in 3 hours. Hebat leh?! I did not know I was capable of doing things this fast ._. I dawdle alot, most of the time. PRESSURE REALLY DOES WONDERS.

And I have another assignment due this Thursday. And another 2 next Monday and Tuesday. Plus we're having mid-term next week too ㅠ_ㅠ The week after our mid term we need to pass up another 3 assignments! ARGH 24 hours a day is not enough!!! 2nd year so hectic la.

Heard somemore good news today! But don't think it's true. How can Big Bang AND Wonder Girls AND Super Junior all come to Malaysia lah? Doesn't make sense at all unless MTV confirms it =) Ran around the college parking lot when I heard it only to realize it cannot be true. Haih. Me and my crazy antics.

Oh, but SS501 is coming to Malaysia? For sure? Hmmm.. a lot of people are gonna go crazy again...


Carmen thank you for your cookie recipe! Everyone loves it! But I still couldn't find the white parchment paper you were talking about, so I used mini cupcakes cup instead ._. and the cookie sort of stuck onto the paper. It's very irritating because I have to peel them off my cookie each time I eat one. What's parchment paper anyway? XD

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Very yummy!

It feels weird to let my brother witness me fangirling. 9 years is a really big age gap, and he doesn't really understand fangirls.

He walked in, saw me sticking pictures of FT next to my bed, took a closer look, then saw the stack of posters next to the door. He thought I was doing some business selling posters la!! damn embarassing I tell you. And I still haven't found out why he came into my room. He just shook his head and left.

LOL May proposed that I sell those posters for RM2 each on ebay and I can goyang kaki at house while waiting for buyers to bid for it.

I was sticking all these next to my bed. Now I'm surrounded by FT even when I sleep. GOSH! I think my brother thinks I'm a nerd who's always cooped up in my room, doesn't socialize and doesn't have a life.
(which is ONLY partially true)

I laughed out loud for serious when I saw this.

All the fans were screaming when the dancer got near to GD and needless to say, went mad when his shirt was ripped open. I find it funny from the hype it caused. It's hilarious listening to fangirls screaming la! I pity the dancer though. No idea if she's gonna get anti-fans from this.

Does it look like the chocolates have finally found their way out of the "tunnel"? Back to assignments then =( I am a professional procrastinator yo~

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Woah my mom would so totally fry me alive if she sees this picture la.

This pen is so pink ._.

Monday, July 7, 2008

ke ai ke ai <3 !!

credit: picdu @ FTICN + Sherteukie <3 / zcandyflossz @ Soompi.

KAWAII !! *squeals* !! I WANT! I WANT!

What's with Hunnie's pose anyway? gahahahahahah!
Aigoo, sejal kecil lagi he sudah aspire to become an ulzzang LMAO

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