Friday, February 27, 2009

ceh I finished watching On Air yesterday night and this morning newspaper said On Air gonna be shown on 8TV from today onwards WOI! celaka 8TV.

Sometimes I feel disgusted by the people I hate, when I find out that they like the same things I like, or they do the things I did. Because by having the same interests, or sharing the same likes and dislikes, makes me feel like I'm no different than them. But I hate them! Should I hate myself too? Or looking at the bright side, they obviously have very good taste, just like me.

Nah nevermind. Nothing will ruin my good mood today. Not even the good-for-nothings =) I made pizzas today~ na na na naaa~ Notice, I typed pizzas, not pizza. Pizza with s. Plural.

They taste better than the ones you get from Pizza Hut or Shakey's or Domino's because my pizzas are fully loaded babeh!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Almost Paradise... na na naaa~

*tap tap tap*
waiting for someone to get online...

This has been quite a productive holiday. For the otaku in me anyway. I finished watching Beethoven Virus. Caught up with the latest episode of Boys Over Flowers (HyunJoong with the JaeJoong-sexy-haircut, and I want Kim Beom's bangs back! RAWR!) Currently watching On Air. Done watching Forrest Gump, Mean Girls, Transformers, Catch Me If You Can, Mamma Mia, Nanny Diaries, and Twilight (for the N-th time). Caught a few episodes of Idol Show. Attended the boring KPP ceramah, but haven't really turned the pages of the ujian book.

Not bad, really. When else would I have time to do all these? And within the span of only a few weeks? Should I watch Hong Gil Dong or I Am Sam next? Oh right, Cain and Abel =) So Ji Sup is love. Song SeungHyun is growing on me too, I'm glad.

I give Slumdog Millionaire thumbs up! It's definitely worth watching. The storyline is pure genius, and the young actors/actress are lovable! It's the first movie I watched in cinema with no subtitles, yet still understand it perfectly (I have this bad habit of looking at subtitles even when I don't need them, I feel lost without them).

Before watching though, my friend dismissed Slumdog as "another Bollywood movie" with lots of sceneries and dancing, but agreed to watch with me. I was glad they didn't show any dancing ala Bollywood style in the movie, because I couldn't stand it too. I remember telling my friend in the middle of the movie, saying that "It's not a Bollywood movie after all, huh. Thank god there's no dancing".

But at the end of movie, where they show the rolling credits, they start dancing in the middle of the train station. Me and my friend looked at each other and simultaneously burst out laughing, which was embarassing cuz we were really loud, and it was supposed to be a private joke. The whole cinema was filled with Indians, and thinking of that, we shut up immediately. Oh my gawd I never felt so rude in my entire life before.

Monday, February 23, 2009

you know how... when your connection sucks, and there are too many pictures in one single webpage, so some of them just won't load?

I was on the 2PM thread, and every single picture that managed to load was those of Taekyeon. only. It's fate I tell you! We're meant to be! Even my connection doesn't want me to look at others XD

Taec, sometimes I might steal glances at jay or khun, but don't worry, I still like you the best. I like tall and strong guys! Taec ILU =) *blush*
WTF how come colleges and universities do not state tuition fees on their website?!


Thursday, February 19, 2009


I followed Yee Ian's advice and googled for a long lost friend of mine. I was skeptic at first, because... how can one simply google another person up so easily? There are hundreds and thousands of people with the same name, I was sure. But I'm not so sure now, cuz I really found her ._.

It's amazing though, I haven't seen her in more than 10 years, but I recognized her instantly from her pictures. She haven't changed one bit. I wonder if she'll say the same if she found me? Lots of people tell me I look the same as I looked 10 years ago.

So I was browsing through her blog, learning about her life after we lost contact. And I have to say, SHE IS STILL THE SAME!! smarty pants sheesh. But I miss her. She's in New Zealand now, the LOTR-land. She takes really nice pictures.

She was toying with her new Canon DSLR, and taking random pictures in Petaling Street (before she went to New Zealand lah I presume). I practically grew up there cuz my dad's shop is just 5 mins walk away. And seeing the pictures she took, the shoplots, birdcages, business signs, temples, and even the ridiculous archs over Chinatown, made me nostalgic. It's like, I've been there before, and now she's there too. I recognize every single picture she took, and somehow feel close to her. It's a little silly right?

I shall stalk her blog from now =) And maybe when I find my courage, I'll tell her who I am. And see if she remembers me.

OKAY MOVE ON. I don't wanna get emo. I was in a hyper mood today until this googling thing came up. Was supposed to blog about something else. Lemme browse through my camera.

I love the orange tint in the blue sky =) Or the blue tint in the orange sky. Whichever you like.

Mini sized chivas and... other liquor for collection. Seeing mini sized stuffs make me think of Singapore. Or at least I'll think of my relatives place cuz everything in their house are mini. so cute lah! mini oven, mini rice cooker, mini aquarium, mini microwave, mini slow cooker... alot lah.

Some of my brother's and my shoes. I like the ones in the red circles. My brother's =( I can't wear them, they're at least 4 sizes too big for me. I especially like the sand coloured Adidas one. I might stuff tissues in it if I get desperate.

Sausage pau? Hehehe supposed to be buns but my dough turned out to be pau dough instead of bun dough. It was nice, but I made too much. And gave alot to my neighbours. I think they'll probably need 2 days to finish it.

And this is... potato wedges. I refuse to admit they're burnt. Potato wedges are supposed to look like that! *self-denial mode* Okaylah, I was supposed to turn them over after 20 mins of baking, but I forgot. Surprisingly, the burnt part tastes the best. I put too much pepper though, I can still feel it in my tongue as I'm typing this.

And um.. my mom's birthday just passed. I made her a cake, and she loved it because it tastes like ice cream cake. She loves ice cream cake, so I should be happy right? But I was not happy because... that's the problem!


That was a Tiramisu Cheese cake #^$%&#$%&()*#$&*&%*%(#!!!!!!!!

I should've known something would go wrong when I saw the devastatingly simple recipe.

Anyway, recently I've been hooked on watching Boys Over Flowers on mysoju (and again on KBSWorld), and also playing the Mystery Case Files game. I used to play that in my high school's computer lab, where we have to find hidden objects in a messy room. Everyone would go to the particular computer to hog the game =) We have to find the most absurd objects, hidden along with other things. It was fun, but pretty tiring for my eyes. Anyone wants the game? Lemme know. I have the full version.

Jason Mraz's I'm Yours on repeat mode =)

Monday, February 16, 2009

I think it's the cat's mating season now, and my neighbour's cat is most probably a female. Go figure it out. The cats are annoying!

The cries are driving me mad. It's been going on for more than a week! Shouldn't it have got pregnant by now?!

P/S: Dragonball Evolution is a joke. How can they turn the cartoon/comic we used to watch as kids into something so serious? Where is the fun in it anymore? It's so... commercialized. And Chow Yun Fatt definitely doesn't look like a pervert who carries a turtleshell around. I have not watched it yet, but I can predict it will be a failure. sigh.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm fascinated by this particular notebook I came to acquire. I never noticed before, but there are diferrent sayings at the bottom of every page, in small print.

"Life becomes valuable when you allow others to take advantage of your abilities."

"Whatever role you play, play it well; never look otherwise."

"There is no absolute difficulty or ease. Diligence turns the difficult into the easy, while sloth makes the easy difficult."

"Never betray others for your own gain."

"Never hit the nail directly on the head; learn the noble art of subtlety."

And these are just the few of the hundreds from the pages. I could flip to a random page every morning and look for my fortune or something =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

desperate for piano sheets

I am so very pissed. I've been searching the whole day for Frankie J's Don't Wanna Try piano sheet but no!! Damn. I don't wanna resort to playing by ear, I have no such talent. I'm not Kang Gun Woo =(

Monday, February 9, 2009

I really wish for... *prays hard*

Neeh, the boxing game that made my muscles ache

^ I'll upload the others on facebook =)

I really hate it when it rains around 6-7 p.m. Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. It's the only time I actually have something to watch on TV (with the exception of Friday nights)! And it just has to rain!

Map to FGS DongZhen temple. I know lots of people have no idea where it is. Astro AEC have been broadcasting the CNY celebrations there for two consecutive years. That's gotta count for something, right? The volunteers decorate the place to make it extra nice during CNY, and it has been a popular tourist attraction for the past I-forgot-how-many-years.

It just stopped raining when I reached.
Everything is wet and the sky is gloomy.

Yes, this is fake. Tipu punya. Impossible to find sakura in M'sia la okay.
It's the year of the Cow, so there's a retarded cow there =S

I know lah, this is so not me. But with the sakura and the umbrella, I just automatically act sweet and demure la! Lady sangat kan?
Fuyoh my mom lagi best! Act young somemore, macam rakam MV nia.
*hide and seek* now you see me, now you don't
I know I have a cute mom, thanks =)

I'm trying to live healthy... like, trying to cut down on rubbish food and drink more water. People who knows me will know that I don't like drinking. I can survive on one cup of water the whole day. Kinda insane, but I've been living like that for 18 years, and I don't see any signs of dehydration or whatsoever. yet. And so I shall place a bottle of water next to me, and promise to drink it every half an hour (or whenever I remember). Hmm... I wonder how long will I stick to this regime?

MSN has not been working for the whole week. I tried everything, from troubleshooting to uninstalling and installing it, but it still won't work. Any ideas? Or is it not working for everyone else too?

Monday, February 2, 2009

My arm and shoulder muscles are all aching like mad! I've never "exercised" this crazily before after high school! Curse Gary and the nintendo wii boxing game. Eh next time I wanna play it again =) It was fun punching other people's guts out

My intestine feels dirty after all the bai nian junk food and drinks. It really feels like holiday. Don't have the mood to continue studying for the law exam. Still so many places haven't go bai nian yet lah! Such a waste.

(someone help me differentiate between innuendo and innocuous statement, again please?)

P/S: You know the movie 'Transformers'? You've seen it before right? Did you know that the voice-over actor for Optimus Prime is... Peter Cullen? There's a real Cullen in the world!!!! (though his name is not Edward) Haha, maybe you knew, but I didn't, and this is something new to me =)