Friday, July 31, 2009

I am happy to report that I passed my driving test today. FINALLY!

But it's not something to be proud of. pfft. I paid a high price for it. Literally.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am not a good writer like dreamy I or frank C.

I do not have connections like friendly J or homely K.

I am not rich like pompous G or bitchy S.

I do not have men lining up waiting for my orders like socially-active C or Snow White L.

Who am I then?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My mom thought I was watching porn!

I was lying on my bed, while waiting for the picture to load on my old PC. When my mom came in she saw this.

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

: :

Damn you Jay! For being so sexy!

Pfft pretty boys like Khun aren't allowed to tease girls. The I-just-woke-up look. So tempting and delicious. Who would say no this guy?!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I failed my parking test again.

I failed my parking test again. again. again!

I am mad, but not because I failed. I am mad because the lady invigilator a.k.a mak-cik-entah-pangkat-apa-tuan-besar was really rude to me.

So the ujian Bahagian 2 always starts with naik bukit right. There was this cone thing in the middle and I accidentally hit it, my car went out of track, and I thought I was a gone case.

But the encik invigilator was feeling benevolent today, and he let me tried again using another car (which was old and faulty by the way. The first car I drove was one of those few nice ones.)

I passed the naik bukit test, thanks to the encik who said he felt kesian for me, cuz it was not my fault that the cone was there. I thanked all my lucky stars, but apparently I used them all up.

Next stop was parking kan. Last time I failed at parking cuz I hit the tiang, without me realizing it. So the tiang went down, I went down with it. But this time, I was pretty confident, cuz it's my second time already mah, I know for sure I would not do the same mistake twice.

So I just reversed my car according to how I would normally do it, and apparently I was too greedy in reversing, my bumper touched the tiang. Read: touched, not hit. My car was already in the box, all I had to do was align it parallel.

I prepared to change gears to park it parallel, and the rude mak cik comes into the story. She was sitting in her booth, and said to me, "Awak sudah terkena tiang lah!" (You hit the pole!)

Hearing that, I assumed that at least one of the poles must have fallen, but strangely I did not hear the sound that comes when the pole hits the ground.

Any normal person's first reaction would be to check if it's true right. So I looked at my rear view mirror.

It showed me that all my poles are standing straight and intact. They did not even sway from my bumper's pressure, so that proves I really did not hit it hard. (Don't ask me how I know the poles didn't sway, I was looking at the rear view mirror the whole time, even when I was reversing, of course I know lah.)

I was confused, cuz the poles did not fall, why did she say I hit the pole? So I asked her, "Tak nampak tiang jatuh pun?" (How come I don't see any fallen poles?) I have to justify myself what!

She went mad at my question, and she actually budged from her seat to walk towards me. They normally just sit there and we are the ones who walk to them. She must have been waiting for this chance to exercise sambil scolding someone and that unlucky someone happened to be me.

"Awak keluar!" (You, get out!)

So I got out from the car, wondering what the hell is happening. By this time everyone was watching you know. There were people sitting at the pondok waiting for their turns and they became audience to my embarrassment.

She pointed at the car's bumper, "Tengok sendiri! Tengok!" (Look for yourself!) and I looked. And realized that her "terkena" actually meant touched - "tersentuh", not hit - "terlanggar".

Now that I know I did something wrong, I accept it wholeheardtedly, because it is my fault mah. Who to blame. One of the requirements stated that no parts of the car should touch the pole or knock it down, and my car bumper have obviously touched the pole, albeit gently.

So I tried to explain that I had misinterpreted her words, "Oh terkena... saya ingat tiang sudah jatuh." (Oh, I thought the poles fell.)

She gave me the "terbeliak mata" reaction. Eyes-popping out. And shouting, "Awak tunggu tiang tu jatuh? Awak mahu tengok tiang tu jatuh keh?" (You're waiting for the pole to fall? You want to see it fall?) I think I said something wrong in BM, cuz I don't understand why she gave me such a big reaction.

In such situation we normally keep our mouths shut right. It was supposed to be a rhetorical question, but she repeated her question. She was waiting for my answer. Timidly I said, "Bukan." (No)

"Kalau awak mahu tiang tu jatuh boleh, saya tolak saja tiang tu akan jatuh. Mahu tengok? Mahu? Awak tunggu tiang tu jatuh kan?" (It's easy if you want the pole to fall. I'll give it a light push and it'll fall. That's what you wanna see, right?)

"Tak payah" (No need, thanks). What else was I supposed to answer?

Shit. What is wrong with this lady?

And when I was signing the papers in her booth, saying that I accept my results, she kept blabbing it to her colleague.

"Budak nih, dah tahu terkena tiang, tak dengar-dengar lagi. Nak tunggi tiang tu jatuh! Cakaplah saya, kalau nak jatuh mudah je. Tolak sajalah kan?" etc etc etc and other Malay words illegible to my untrained Chinese ears.

So yeah, everyone who was present now knows that she has PMS.

P/S: Woah I wrote an essay -_- Don't think anyone would read everything, but if you did, thanks. Now you know the lady has some serious issues going on too. And try not go to Hulu Langat for your driving test, if you can.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Life is so depressing I could make a movie out of it and you could still see depression finding a way to seep through. Such a big joke. The greeds of human are scary. All the things I wanted are backfiring completely. Even watching my "inspiration videos" makes me hate myself even more. fuck.

someone make me happy please. I need the correct answer.

I don't think it's PMS.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I NEED to have two sets of timetables.

One (the real one) is for me, when I go around college.

Another one is for my mother's reference, which is almost like the real one, only minus the 8am classes.

I should go make the extra one now. Never mind the fact that I just told my mom I have class at 8am tomorrow. I mistook the timetable that was for another group, not mine.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nothing is going the way I want it in life. Even IE is bullying me by refusing to sign me in to blogger.

I don't mind being alone sometimes, but I hate the feeling of being left out! It makes me feel totally, utterly worthless. This girl wonders how long does she have to live like this.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I am a happy girl.

My brother will be back today after two months away from home.
And I will get my iPod soon.

But iPod or no iPod, I'm still a happy girl because... 2PM is coming to Malaysia! I'm so taekcited! To the point that I can't think of anything else. I was trying to put on moisturizer when I realized I had sunscreen in my palm.

Christmas has come early and JYP is Santa Claus. I hope he's not lying.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sek Kee if you're reading this, I wish you Happy Birthday! And good luck with your exams!

What's with the songs with repetitive one syllable(s)?

There's So Nyeo Shi Dae's gee gee gee gee gee/no no no no no.
And Untouchable's oh oh oh oh oh.
And now 2NE1's I don't care eh eh eh eh eh.
Oh yeah, 2NE1's mi mi mi mi mi mi michigoshipo.

I love them, but they're bad for my health, cuz they're too addictive!


I keep checking my assignment's word count hoping that it would magically turn 1000.