Friday, May 30, 2008

Edit - 12:30AM

Just checked my examination results. I got an A for Translation?! A? A? A? OMFG! I cannot believe the genius in me!


I'm bloody proud of myself! I made it through my month of working in FOS! And I made friends there! Heck, even my Malay improved because 85% of my colleagues were Malay, so I had no other choice actually... And I spent more than RM200 of my salary on FOS clothes WTF. I hate the shopaholic in me.

In conclusion... I'm no longer an FOS employee! No more dreading working hours for me anymore phew!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


OMG *heart stopped beating*

Video from cherriya @ YouTube

P/S: Stop shaking your head at me.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Belated Birthday post


Thank you so much everyone!! I had a rather extraordinary birthday this year all thanks to you guys! I don't know where to start blogging, or how, because I'm really touched and happy! This year was really full of FT surprises *whee!*

Okay, let's start from when I woke up la. Woke up earlier than usual, because wasn't in the mood to continue sleeping when I thought of working 12 hours on my birthday. Plus I thought maybe I'll check my inbox to see if anyone left me birthday messages. And narina unnie did! She made me a really nice picture message of JongHun smiling widely and wishing me happy birthday! I instantly lit up when I saw that!

Next I went to Jel's blog and she dedicated a whole blog post to me! Yippee! And I saw those gifs she made and really feel touched. Because I know she doesn't really know how to make gifs properly (HAHA sorry Jel!) and yet she took her time to make not one, BUT TWO, for me! Plus she made my favourite dorky leader! I really seriously 진짜 appreciate it! Although I always tease you but you know me better right? =)

Decided to visit MYFTI before going off for work and saw others wishing me happy birthday as well! Okay, so this year isn't so bad huh =) Primadonnas !!
Went down for breakfast, and mom gave me an angpau HOHOHO. I am not broke yet after all =)

Nothing unusual happened during work, as my colleagues didn't know it's my birthday... until my breaktime came! My handphone was bombarded with birthday sms-es! Thank you again everyone! =))

And then I saw one sms which made me O_O Jel smsed me to ask whether I'm listening to Simon San no Rakuen, which is impossible, because I'm working la ._. And then I saw another sms from May, and said she heard sookies and narina dedicating FT songs for me because it's my big day! Which is happy enough for me, since they said really nice stuffs. But the big surprise was Simon San actually played the birthday song FT recorded when they were back in Malaysia. TO ME! I'm actually the first person he used it on hey! The others before this all used the DBSK recording one lei! Don't play play! 开玩笑meh?! Apparently, there were others who requested Simon San to air the FT one before this, but he only played it for me on my birthday! Feel so flattered leh HAHA! Like I'm so special =D

But hor, I was working so I missed it =( Luckily my number one Primadonna spazzing fangirlfriend Jeleine recorded it! I LOVE YOU hey!

Thank you to FT Island for coming to Malaysia and recorded this,
Thank you to Simon San for airing this (at last! and at the best time too!),
Thank you to narina and sookies for requesting this,
Thank you to Jeleine for recording this because you knew I wouldn't be able to listen to it!
oh, and also thank ME[?] for converting it and cutting this part out I guess? LMAO

The whole day I was smiling from ear to ear like a fool. Was so happy I decided to get myself a present as well =)

^ sorry this is a little dark

So pretty and colourful right?! TeeHee!!

Got back home, and another surprise =) My mom asked me what cake did I want for my birthday and I wanted to say Secret Recipe. But then, I get SR cakes for birthday each year, and I can get them anywhere anytime in SR shops. Boring lo hor? So I told my mom to bake one for me instead, since she has been complaining she cannot whip up food according to recipes and I want her to use the untouched oven that has been in our house for ages ._.

And she baked this....

HAHA now I totally agree with my mom that she and recipes cannot go along =.= Anyway, it was still a happy event for everyone in the house!

And today I just read Vivienne's blog and she made all these avatars for me! They're all so nice I don't know which ones to post here. And I cannot possibly post all because there's like so many O_O okaylah I'll post this then since there's only one banner =)

Thanks again! and you called me mojojojo *wicked*

O_O I didn't realize this has been such a long post. Thank you because you're still reading but sorry because I'm not done yet =D

Thank you Mom for baking me this cake although it turned out weird. I know you wanted to make it good since you're such a perfectionist.
Thank you Dad for everything although you're in Kelantan. I know you love me to bits although you seldom show it.
Thank you Leong for tolerating with my 野蛮-ness. And always being there to lend your ear to hear my complaints, and being such a supportive brother. Sorry because I suck at being a sister though >.<
Thank you Ming for... being my brother? HAHA lame ._. Don't think he even knows it's my birthday yesterday.
Thank you grandma for bringing 'colours' to my life. HAHA! if you know what I mean anyway ._.

Thank you Jeleine for all those things I mentioned above! And for being such a great friend all these years! This few months we spent a lot of quality time together spazzing and emo-ing hor?
Thank you Narina unnie because you were the first person to make me really happy on my birthday! and for everything you did for MYFTI as well!
Thank you Kah Loon for thinking you were the first person to wish me happy birthday =Þ You're not the first okay?! Thanks for helping me out with my PLKN problems though =)
Thank you Chia May for telling me that sookies and narina requested that birthday song for me! And for being such a great buddy in college, always quarelling about everything, but still sticking together in the end!
Thank you Vivienne for making so many JongHun + 2 HongKi + 1 WonBin avatars for me! And also still sticking with FT Island after so long!
Thank you Ko Wei because you have been saying you want to be my boyfriend for years already and now you're still saying it ._. STOP IT LA OK! Thanks for your birthday wish anyway =)

Thank you Jeleine, Yen Ching, Chia May, Poh Lin, Yee Yin, Jie Ying, Min Ee, Xue Ying, Vivienne, Yung San, Chee Hor for taking your time and also spending 15 cents to sms me and wish me happy birthday =)
Thank you to those who sent me friendster comments!
Thanks to my colleagues for being a part of my 18th birthday memory as well!

Thank you to everyone who remembers it's my birthday and wished me happy birthday! This includes Yee Ian, Yan Sin, Ei Lyn, Geral, Kenneth, Myke and others who reads but don't tag me in my blog =)

Okay hope I did not miss out anyone >.< Oh and thank you for still reading this! This is the end I promise. I can hear you thanking your god already =D

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My soon-to-be birthday sucks!

I tell you this has got to be my worst birthday present EVER!! Receiving this shitty piece of letter from the retarded government! Eh come on la, my camp starts on 14th June and I only receive this letter now? If this is not retarded then what is?

I keep hoping and praying that they would somehow forget about me (which is impossible) or maybe the postman would somehow deliver the letter wrongly or not deliver it to me at all (which is more probable to happen). But why is the postman so efficient this time??!!

And my camp is in Kelantan. Allah Kelantan. I don't know why I don't like Kelantan la! Maybe because I don't understand Kelantan loghat. Or maybe because it's PAS-sed. Or maybe because we have to watch movies in the cinema with the lights on? Oh wait, that's because it's PAS-sed. Oh WTF am I crapping. I have no grudge against PAS okay, I just don't like National Service!

And I'm not really sure on how to postpone it! My mind is still stuck with my work, and I cannot process what I am reading properly. It said "All applications for a postponement certificate must be made within ten (10) days after the publication of the order of the Minister requiring participants to undergo national service training or within such extended time as the proper authority may allow." WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN WEI?! Is this the deadline or what? And they didn't even state to where should I send my postponing letter to? And when is the "publication of the order of the Minister" anyway? So many questions to ask!


Oh by the way, it's 12.15am now and I'm officially 18! Whee~!

And replying to SHINee's 누난 너무 예뻐 -
Thank you 동생들~ but 어떻게? 누나 has got 종훈형 already! =) Next time okay, when 누나 feels paedophilic! XD

Friday, May 23, 2008

A prayer for those in need

I feel guilty and selfish. So many people are suffering over in Myanmar and Szechuan and all I can think about is how much I miss FT Island. And spazzing over their new song on soompi =(

It's really heart-wrenching to see the state of devastation the place is in. I was sitting on the sofa, eating peanuts while watching TV yesterday, and I was complaining of how hot the weather are these days and also how tasteless the peanuts were. Shame on me! I should think about those unfortunate people, and appreciate my lunch (although the ikan bilis is a little too hard for me).

I find the world really amazing in times like these. When we are living without any disasters, and we pass by acquaintances, we couldn't even bother to smile or greet them sometimes. And look at what happens in China now. Strangers everywhere are helping each other out. Everyone around the world is helping those victims whom they have never seen before.

Sometimes, I wonder if disasters like these are curse or blessings? Sure, it's a sad thing to see innocent people dying and suffering, but seeing it from another point of view, if it were not for this, would we ever witness people helping each other so selflessly? Especially in our modern times?

Images credits to flickr.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm back to my lazy blogger mood.

It seems like nothing is going right for me. MSN is down, and streamyx connection sucks. The weather is so hot and I have another 2 weeks to work before college starts! I feel so unmotivated to do anything at all! It took me all my willpower to open this page and start typing in it. I cannot even sign in and check my email AIYOR.

My life is so boring. I wake up and go to work. I come back home from work, get online, look for FT updates, and go to bed. How come everyone else's life seems so interesting and full of colours? Mine is always the same. boring. dull. repetitive.


I'm always stuck in my room, watching YouTube, or reading people's blogs, or doing other stuffs that makes me feel worse than before. Like now. ASTAGHFIRULLAH! I'm reading a fan account from a fangirl in Thailand and that made me feel like a piece of shit. How come they can accomplish so much. How come they have such good connections. How come they have money to spend like it ain't theirs? How come - for every single thing??

And pathetic me is still stuck in this place, whining at what happened. And all I can do is read fan accounts. And ooh-ing and aah-ing at their experience. And wishing I was like them for that instance. And wishing for a lot of other things as well, as a matter of fact.


I felt like gobbling down eating a whole tub of Baskin Robbins ice cream after reading Vivienne's blog. I tell you Big Bang looks too cool for that BR ad but it's so cute! And TOP's expression OMGahhh~ I will try to make a gif out of it sometime soon if I remember

P/S: I saw my JaeHee look-a-like guy smoking lo =( I think that was why I was feeling down in the first place. Oh by the way, he was the one I said I ate lunch with the other day ._.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Help, please?

누나 아니면 형?? 그 예쁜 소는 여자 같아 그러니
누님 ...진짜 피아노 마스터 ㅋㅋ...
나 악보 구하면 나도 인터넷에 올릴게~~누님

Can anyone who understands Korean tell me what does this mean? I tried the Internet translator and the translation turned out weird =S They said something about pretty cows which I am sure is not the intended meaning of the sender.

Friday, May 16, 2008


I remember blogging about them once, and they're getting worse! This is scary. This is even scarier! YIKES! Even "The Eye" and "Ju-On" is not this scary okay! I swear this is not caused by shampoo because I took this picture before I bathed.

I should take real good care of them since I only have one pair of them =( And they cannot be replaced! I think I will go blind in 3 months time *touch wood* =X You know what, I will go to sleep now and let them rest well.

I won't even bother searching for any FT updates today. Sorry HUNNIE, but my eyes comes first. I will miss you though, don't worry =) You're always welcomed in my dreams!


Okay I can't help it. I just clicked on soompi without realizing it >.< And... and... new MV caps!! Looks good eh? Gyah can't wait for it! More reasons for me to spend money like flowing water now =(

Never a big fan of HongKi and WonBin but they look so good in here! And I love the feeling this picture gives me!

And of course, how can I not post his bloody perfect picture! *cough* sexy v-line *cough*

and i should really go to sleep now ._.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

AIKS Jeleine Tee!! I just read the file you sent me and I screamed like a fangirl in the middle of the night! OMG so many random and funny stuffs! I don't think I can sleep tonight liao la....
Changed my hit counter because the previous one was acting odd.

I did not want to waste my off day like what I did last week, but guess I just did HEH =Þ Was trying to delete some large files from my computer, and so I filtered them. Watched those old clips of the boys in Malaysia and ended up feeling heartache.
=[ Especially when I watched those clips of them leaving Malaysia. Why do they have to leave like that? They could have left like mega stars, with lots of fans (and bodyguards). In short, like how they were treated in Thailand. They seemed so sneaky here compared to Thailand. If only everything went well *sighs*

And speaking of Thailand, the boys went to Thailand. again. RAAHHHH!! They even performed 3 songs just for an award. And they were supposed to be here for a concert. Didn't even get to listen to them la adoi. Whatever la, who am I to blame anyone for anything anyway. It's over, everything's over, and I just need to get back to my life. Which means continue staring at them from my computer screen *HAHA dry laughs*

Cropped this picture (credits to PINGBOOK) cuz it was too large plus I don't like MinHwan with blonde hair. Lucky Thai fans who get to see JongHun with great hair and even MinHwan with blonde hair, although I don't like it. (Yes I know I'm repeating myself)

Anyway, I noticed something from their performance yesterday. Why are they all cramped in one corner when the stage is so big? O_O Kesiannya~ Only during FT ISLAND HongKi came running out but then went back to their little corner. And JongHun's guitar was so loud, but I'm not complaining. Seems like they're starting to notice JongHun more HEH. JongHun played some wrong notes in his solo though. Dunno if he meant it to sound fancy or he really played the wrong notes. Guess the cameraman hates blonde MinHwan! So please go back to the old you la Hwan. I'm not used to seeing blonde Asian guys except for JaeJoong okay.

And while I was deleting files I came across a clip of JongHun eating. He looks so cute in it I just have to make a gif!

How can anyone look so good with his mouth full of food !!
video credits to FT Island Thailand

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Woooooo~! ChoShinSung's comeback stage on KBS Music Bank. Their singing sounds =S to me but the dance moves are cool though =) And the whole performance reminded me a lot of Big Bang. And there was a part where this guy (sorry, don't know who is who in CSS except for SungJe), wriggled his finger TOP-style for like 2 seconds?


Gaaahhhh I saw SUS in FOS today oh shit! He was wearing the very colourful striped t-shirt I saw him wear before in lecture hall. And wore shorts and slippers ._. very casual huh? Then later Janice sms-ed me saying he's on the same trip as her going to Pulau Redang for 3days and 2nights. That explains the shorts and slippers la!

And this 鬼婆 mat salleh made me so mad today! She was finding for beach shorts in the men's section and insisted I find one in her size. So I told her that this is the men's section, she should go find in the ladies section instead. Then she pulled out one which seems smaller than the others and said "Yeah I know this is the men's section, but I found one, and I like this design, so could you help me find another one in my size?"

Okay fine. So I digged in deep into the offer bin and couldn't find any. So I told her again, "I'm sorry, but I could not find any shorts that I think would fit you. You see, like I said, this is the men's section..."

And guess what she retorted back. "I know honey, this is the men's section! But I need one to wear while I'm surfing, and I don't mind wearing men's shorts as long as they fit me!"

She paused and then continued, aiming at me this time, "You're sporting a boyish haircut and I'm not saying anything, am I? Gosh! Could you just please find a size that fits me?"

WTF LA SHE-MAN! There are plenty of beach shorts over at the ladies section if you even bother to look for it okay?! I said don't have your size means don't have la! I'm the one working here and not you la amoi!

Okay so I just went on acting like I was searching for her beach shorts while she went off trying the only one she found. And it turns out it's not even her size. SEE? I TOLD YOU! NOT YOUR SIZE! So stubborn for what!

And I purposely went over to the ladies section and got one in XS size just to fume her up. She probably wears ladies' size M anyway. I showed her the XS sized one and she said, "Oh I don't think I can fit in this small blablablabla" I don't care.


I find this picture amusing. I know JongHun is making the saranghae pose, but I think of chickens when I see this. Not MinHwan chicken. Those real alive and moving ones.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I ended up sleeping at 2am yesterday but was feeling really happy inside =) And the first thing I thought of this morning when I woke up was... "BAU BUSUK!" haha, thinking of that makes me smile now!! =Þ And the thought of HongKi bullying MinHwan makes me smile as well. And the fact that MinHwan still likes sticking to HongKi although he bullies him makes me smile as well! Okay everything makes me smile now =)


Today at work everyone was surprisingly friendly to each other. Guess everyone is in a good mood =D Mine was the best cause I get to go back home at 6pm!!

6 men wearing red entered my shop today. 4 of them were wearing ManUtd jerseys, 1 wore Arsenal and another Ferrari ._. It's hard not to notice them, since they move together and look like walking angpaus to me.

Oh and I saw Azwin Andy in Sg Wang again today. Frequents Sg Wang a lot huh? I nudged my colleague and told her to look out for the lengjai walking towards our direction. And my colleague gaped at him ._. Cuz he was really lengjai =P

I have been eyeing this guy from work these past few days and I had lunch with him today! YEAHOO =D You're gonna laugh your ass off when I tell you. I had lunch with him............. in the same food stall. HAHA! We were sitting one table away ._. He was sitting alone and so was I. I should've sat beside him right? But then there were so many empty tables around, it would be so embarassing and sudden if I sat down beside him. He would probably think I'm a loony O_O

Nevermind la, I'll just continue to look out for him when he's on his way to the toilet. And also keep on staring at his shop and hoping he'll come out to arrange/fold those clothes. At least there's something to look forward to during work =)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I got back home just in time to see Ronaldo scoring a penalty for ManUtd hell yeah! OK not what I wanted to blog. Just something random, cuz it's been so long since I've watched any football matches!

Okay Mother's Day.. Since I have to work, my brother brought my mom to Sg Wang and had lunch together during my break time. Felt so paiseh cuz I should be the one staying at home, and not my mom coming to my workplace. And we ate everything hurriedly, since I only have 1 hour to spare [LAGI PAISEH!] [all my fault >.<] Anyway, it's over la. blah.

I got myself a new toy!

All thanks to the uncle who keeps going to the toilet and just have to dress like sleeveless WonBin and bring that pair of shades around. His was red though. And I stalked him on his way back from the toilet cuz I wanted to ask him where did he get that! HAHA! And I found out the shop beside him was selling it, therefore no need for me to ask him =) My colleagues were all laughing like mad when I showed them!

Okaylah, I'm no JongHun.. but I still like it!

Have to go to sleep.. Nearing 1am now. I don't want myself to be tired tomorrow like how I was today. Didn't even get to enjoy the freedom because of tiredness @^$&*#^(&%*#!!

Oh before I forget! I have been passing by Izzi restaurant every night after work, and I've only realized it now.

It seems far cuz my handphone sucks, but it's actually quite near. So now everytime I go back home I will think of FT Island =(

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I remember I said that the best day of work was when I was arranging stocks right? Well, today (yesterday, since it's 1am now?) is better! Because my manager went back home after 6pm WOOHOO! Everyone went wild! We chatted and lazed like no one else is around LMAO. And I tell you, tomorrow is gonna be even better! Because... it's my manager's off day! *whistles* everyone's gonna be damn happy plus it's Mother's Day tomorrow hey! =)


I should really go sleep now. 1am and I'm still blogging ._. Tomorrow working full time la babe!

Friday, May 9, 2008

I just realize that it's the month of May. Slow I know, but I've been busy and neglecting a lot of things. And of the utmost importance, the month of May is MY MONTH hey!! =D *smiles widely* Let's count hmm... 16 [15?] days more and I'll be legal to do a lot of stuffs I wasn't allowed to before! XD

I'm so unfilial, people are blogging about Mother's Day and I'm blogging about MY birthday =D But I can't celebrate Mother's Day this year cause I'll be working on that day! *sighs* Nevermind, I'll bring home something delicious from work. Too bad tasty food are usually unhealthy and my mom is a health conscious freak ._. Everything organic. So I'll probably be the one eating it anyway, and not my mom =S


Was watching the go-karting clip of the boys in Thailand, and I felt happy =_= Pathetic but I enjoy it HEHE [Shit, I'm turning into a major fangirl]

But let's face it la. How can you not feel happy when you see their happy faces?!

See... smiling so happily!

^ Very unglam picture but I like his NIKON camera

^ Love this to bits =D

^ JaeJin wants more haaa

^ funny right, MinHwan's the only one who needs someone beside him? babysitterLMAO

^ Guess who is this?! =)

pictures credits to FT Island Thailand
Finally! My long awaited off day from work! And I just wasted it by watching TV and playing the piano >.< By the way, 마중 MaJoong is such a beautiful song on piano! It's really hard to play though, a lot of sharps and flats. But I'm sure I can play it after some practicing, just like how I felt when I started playing Sarangalhee and Saranghanuen Bomeul Molraseo =)

I really have to delete some huge files from my computer! All the videos are eating up my computer memory [GRR and I'm downloading the go-karting video from narina unnie!] I have to stop downloading every single FT Island related thing ._.

And there's a cicak in my room ARGH!!! Next to my bed! Slimy horrible cicaks! I moved my bed into another position so it won't stick to the wall. I'm okay with lizards from the living room and kitchen, but definitely not when I find one in my bedroom! I hope it doesn't show up today!

I have so many things to blog about yesterday but I was too tired and lazy. And now I forgot what I wanna blog. WTF

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One of the good things (yes I finally found ONE good thing!) about working in FOS is that you don't have to worry about what you need to wear to work! It's always the same old boring khaki and white polo tee. That is considered a good thing right? No idea ._. My XS sized polo tee is what I normally get when I wear M sized tshirts. So lame

Picture of the day!

I'm actually jealous over this blur picture =(

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I saw Azwin Andy today! He's really handsome la.. and tall! *drools* HAHAHA OMG why am I drooling over Azwin Andy anyway. But he's really hot la. Hot as in cun kind of hot, not pedas kind of hot. Okay, Yahoo! sucks cuz I can only find 3 photos of Andy, which are not his best shots at all. Grrrr Andy!

And I saw my dad's ex-half-boss in FOS today as well! Walao eh, go shopping also bring bodyguard along. Got bodyguard then don't go FOS la cis apek ini.

Before I get my salary I'm already spending it *Boohoohoo* Have to blame it on FOS for having so many cheap and nice clothes, and also my fault for working in FOS and have to keep facing those cheap beautiful clothes =( Saya sudah simpan my share of clothes that I want! And I'm gonna pay for it using my salary LOL.

I found some really cool shops in a secluded corner of Sg Wang and guess what?! I'm gonna go visit there again when I get my salary! The coloured skinny jeans there is so pretty la! RM 79.90 okay, wait for me! It looks different from the RM59.90 I found earlier before. That one looks uncomfortable and I look fat in it .__. I hope the RM79.90 one will turn out A LOT better =)

HAHA see? I'm already thinking of where to spend my money with my salary and I've only been working for less than a week amboi! *TSK* and I still wanna get a digital camera somemore *TSK TSK TSK*


Today, as I listened to you sing, and looked through your pictures, I realized how helpless and foolish I am towards you. It's as if my whole world is nothing but you alone. My everything revolves around you.

And I can't stop myself. The more I think of you, the deeper I fall into your spell. Someone, anyone please tell me, is this worth it? Should I continue being foolish, or is it time for me to wake up from this pleasant dream of mine?

Keep on smiling as if there's no tomorrow. It's enough for me to feel content. That is how helpless I am

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fuyohh today at work damn syok! My best day so far wei!

A lot of new clothes were sent here today. The whole day I was just arranging stocks and folding shirts, putting them neatly into place. Damn syok! Plus the best part is... I only work till 6pm today! Lagi syok fuyohh! But tomorrow have to work 12 hours again ._.

Today, I made an important decision. I could ditch Koreans for European guys yea~! =D Eurasians are damn cun okay! Plus European guys are tall, handsome, gentleman, muscly (well most of them anyway. I'm not talking about the minority here. Oh, maybe I am) Eurasians will be the product we produce together yea! [HAHA!] This family I saw today, the father(Chinese) and mother(European) looks so normal, but their childrens are so beautiful! Jealous gila!

And Yee Ian, thanks for the nice surprise! It was so unexpected but I really appreciate it! =)


I need my daily dose of FT Island =( Updates please!!

My love 내 사랑 the one who wears the shoes.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I have terribly obvious and ugly red veins in my eyes. Lack of sleep TSK TSK TSK! and my job is taking it's toll on me. [although I've only been working for 2 days, and I have been complaining non-stop. my mom says she cannot understand why I wanna continue. I don't understand myself too @_@]

Yesterday I met this really handsome guy coming in to shop for clothes. I dont know lah, I just have a thing for rich-looking guys LOL [take a good look at JongHun, and Ryan from Paran XD] But too bad, beside him was his slutty looking girlfriend. HAHA no offense, and no, I'm not being bias. She was really slutty looking .__. Whatever la, I just looked at her arm candy and ignored her =P

And this kid around 7 or 8 I guess, wore A|X to shop at FOS... what the? His mom was asking around for a particular type of tshirt for him. Fu-yohh luckily I'm not the one who served her. So damn bossy. And the kid was so talkative I could stuff socks in his mouth and not feel guilty at all. Seriously! He ran around the whole FOS, and just have to comment on every single thing.
Rich + spoilt kids = snobs and a pain in the ass. And I have people like that as friends *sigh*

P/S: I just read Daniel's blog and OMFG he lost weight?! O_O or so he says

Friday, May 2, 2008

OMG HAHAHAHA I look like a retard in F.O.S uniform >.< I have never worn high waisted trousers ever since... I don't even know when. Okay maybe the Simon Cowell fashion is the 'in' thing for F.O.S people LMAO I look so damn fat and funny in khakis!

Another rule I just got to know today - no handphone allowed during working hours. Not even bring it around with you in your tiny little pocket CEH

Boring la working there, I really hate it. Somemore tomorrow I have to work full time! ARGH! Nevermind. I hope I can and I will persevere till the end!

And my manager/supervisor[?] was impressed that I actually dyed my hair black for this job. Yes, she raised her eyebrow approvingly MUAHAHAHA but that still doesn't make me like her better. And she was shocked surprised that I actually have an EPF account!

Okay lah whatever happens I will stick to this job. It's only for one month anyway =S Please fire me because I won't quit

Gotta go tidur now. Have to rest fully for working 12 hours tmr *pities myself*
I hope they fire me. Then I won't feel so guilty......

Haven't even started working =( BooHoo!
Quick and brief update

Yesterday was my last day of freedom and stupid streamyx just have to be down !!!! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!

Gonna start working today. So many rules and regulations to follow, don't think I'll enjoy it there. But will try my best since I've already made up my mind! Dyed my hair black, but it still looks kinda reddish to me. Dunno what is wrong with the saloon, never ever going back there again.

Some pics to share! =)

LOL cheapskate me and Yee Ian

4 in 1 scanner is too hi tech for me. I don't know why it turns out senget =S

jyahahaha =P fooling around!

And look at what I found!

Too bad it's not this =)

And Jel, here's your pweety badge!