Sunday, August 23, 2009

I need a non smudge eye-liner!

Gaaah I have 4 eyeliners in my make up drawer but all 4 are useless damn it! I have one each from Revlon, Loreal, Silkygirl and Elianto. I just realized this, all my eyeliners are in brown =_= Oh and apparently my mascara is in brown too. Not a big fan of black huh, I didn't even know it until now. And I thought I have at least one black eyeliner somewhere. Guessed I threw it away...

Anyway back to the topic. Introduce me some eye liners you people use please? First requirement NO SMUDGE! Preferably drugstore price and I only know how to use pencil, so yeah, choices are pretty limited. Right, now I remember, the black eyeliner I had was ink, that's why I threw it.

By the way I think some of you are gonna say try waterproof eyeliners, but they still smudge so yeah. I think it's the oil(?idunno?) in my eye creases that makes it smudge.

intro intro pls pls! If you read this but are too lazy to reply then you are not a friend. hmph.

P/S: Yan Sin happy birthday! =)
you are exempted from answering the above question if you feel like it!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Have you ever offered your seat to the elders, or people who need them when you're in buses or trains? We are supposed to do it, right? What if we didn't? I'll feel guilty if I don't, so whenever I see anyone who needs the seat, I'll offer it to them. But there are times when I do not do so. It's not like I discriminate them, but there are some instances, which just happened so.

For example, some Malay women wear baju kurung, and it's hard to tell whether they're pregnant or they're simply fat! If they're pregnant, of course I should offer them my seat, but if they're not, they would burn more calories while standing, so in a way, I'm helping them right?

Also, I sit public transport alone most of the time, and I try not to make eye contact with anyone, because I think it's rude to just stare at people, and embarrassing too when they catch you looking at them. So I stare at the floor and all I see are people's shoes and legs. I cannot tell their age or disability(s) judging from the shoe they wear right. When I get off the train only I realize the person standing next to me was an elderly.

What is your definition for elderly? People with wrinkled skin? Hunchbacks? People who look like they're sick? Over 50? What about people who are 50 but look like they're in their late 30s? I've seen OLs (office ladies), or in this case, OAs (office aunties), who look very fit and healthy. They can stand straighter than me while wearing their heels, and one hand holding on to the supporter while the other hand is preoccupied with a storybook. I don't think they need the seat right, although their skin is wrinkled and all that.

Sometimes I spot a pregnant women standing near the train doors, but it was too far away from me. I get up, walk towards her, and when I reach her, some imbecile has taken up my place.

Then there are cases where they don't want your seat. It's like they're trying to defy their age or trying to act cool while standing. Since I offered the seat, it would be paiseh if I sat back down, since I don't know if the fella seriously does not want to sit, or he's just trying to see if I was sincere in offering him the seat, or maybe he's paiseh to take the seat. So we both would stand beside the empty seat awkwardly, until someone comes along and take it up.

So, what's your story? Or do you even have one? I'm guessing some of you who read this do not take public transport, or do not care to bother.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm addicted to twitter. I check it every hour or so, when there's wireless connection around. I feel insecure (!) if I do not log in at least once a day. Then there's nothing left for me to blog about. It's all on twitter!

I love micro-blogging. Short short posts - totally my style.
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ewww I wish all the boybands would stop doing/parody-ing girl groups. They're just plain gay weird! It doesn't even look good on 2pm, who usually can pull off just about anything.

With the exception of FT Island's "Fire" rendition. That was good. Or should I say anything by 2NE1 is awesome.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I saved a person's life. i think.

Wooh messy much?

My blood, my blood!