Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh ho ho ho ho. More than a month since my last post. If this goes on I might just abandon this. Hey I'm learning how to use tumblr.

Weih how to change my theme/template back to normal one. It takes too long to load on a slow connection.

Anyway, I went to the airport last Sunday. Because I thought the Muhan crew would be going back on that day. (according to some source lah) (omg i just typed source as course and realized i just have to exchange the S and C, sorry random)

oklahbacktothestory, i waited for almost 2 hours, ate KLIA's RM9 McD nuggets and went back home. Cis, dan the day before saya masih plan nak ambik gambar and autograph krew Muhan. (this is how bad my Malay is. Saya sudah lupa and mix random words to form a sentence) on in conclusion, I didn't get to see them. But I saw alot of other cute koreans though =)

and as you can see, this is very random post cuz I just felt like posting something. HA Ha hA ha.

p/s: I started and ended my post with laughters! May this year starts and ends happily too! hahahaha another random wtfbbq is going on?!

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