Saturday, January 23, 2010

gek sam anot?

I went CNY shopping today. Alone again, but I've always liked to shop alone. I consider myself to be a good shopper. If I like something then I will just get it. I don't like to haggle or dilly-dally, I don't know why, haggling is just not my thing. Okay, maybe I am good for the shopkeepers, but not a good shopper --- damage to my purse?

That's why I feel weird shopping at places like Times Square or Sg Wang cuz everyone haggles over there. It is expected of customers. The most I will do is.....

"Got discount ah?"

I won't go to measures like
"No discount ah! Round it up lah! Discount Rm5 also can mah!" or etc etc etc I dunno what else they say cuz i dont haggle!

Got then got, don't have then don't have, I will still get it anyway if I like it (=S) I think haggling is very annoying leh. Last time in my dad's shop when customers ask for alot of discounts I sibuey dulan one.

Whatever, this has nothing to do with my original post (!!!)

Anyway, the point of this post is... I went inside this shop, and this auntie shopkeeper was there, who stared at me very unfriendly I may add, but I later found out she just looks angry at all time. her face is >:( twenty-four-seven one.

She was trying to sell her product lah, and I was checking them out. I chose two and didn't know which one to get, cuz I liked both, but I needed only one, and so the auntie gave me her opinion.

Auntie: Take A lah. A is bigger than B. Somemore now "heng" A mah.
Me: But B is nice too.
Auntie: Trust auntie lah, take A. Auntie's daughter-in-law also using A now, she likes it very much! She's around your age, 25-6 years old. Young people like you all should take this, looks very nice, very stylish one!

(eh the conversation above please read it like you're speaking Chinese. I cannot be bothered to type it into perfect English)

So in the end I bought A because it was more convenient to use.

Notice anything wrong with the conversation anot? Apart from the Chinese to English conversion.

She said young people like you 25-26 years old!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE EFF. I LOOK LIKE 25 YEARS OLD TO HER!

She compared me with her daughter-in-law!!! Married person! Daughter-in-law!!! 25 years old OMG! young people somemore. Kek sei ngor lah.

25 years old. shit. I'm not even 20 yet!

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